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10 Things You Never Knew About TV & Radio Personality Carol Ofori.

South African television and radio personality Carol Ofori has cemented herself as one of the most formidable women in the local media space. Throughout her 20-year career, Carol has been gracing airwaves on a multitude of stations and now hosts the popular ‘Queens Of Grace With Carol Ofori’ slot every weekday from 9am – 12pm on Radio 2000. While radio has always been Carol’s first love, she is also a seasoned television presenter and voice over artist. Carol is currently hosting the parenting series ‘Raising Babies 101’ every Monday at 9am on SABC 2 and continues to push the limits when it comes to her brand and creative flair.

Now, Carol opens up and shares some tidbits about herself which many may not know about her.

1) She’s Travel-Obsessed!

Carol is a massive lover of international travel and having travelled to 20 countries around the world, Carol counts this feat as one of her biggest achievements in life. “I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to explore the world and its one of my favourite things to do,” Carol says. “To date, I have travelled to Nigeria, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzinia , Kenya, Ghana, Mauritius , Zambia, Germany, the UK, France, the USA, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand and Dubai and I am proud that around half of those are African countries.”

2) Mpumalanga And Cancun Are Her Favourite Places To Travel To

When asked what her favourite places to explore are, Carol says she can’t simply pick one. “South Africa its Mpumalanga,” Carol exclaims. “The waterfalls are so majestic and there is so much greenery, mountains and wildlife. It’s such a gem!” Carol adds that internationally it would be Cancun in Mexico. “My husband and I had the best time ever when we visited,” she says. “Everything from the sight-seeing to the nightlife to the food was incredible there.”

3) Carol Had Dreams Of Being A Game Ranger

While she’s hosted a stint of radio shows on multiple stations and a variety of television shows, Carol admits that when she was younger, she did not plan to be in the entertainment space. “At first, I wanted to be a game ranger,” she tells us. “I love animals and I couldn’t think of a better way to earn money.” Carol admits, however, that things changed quickly. “After that, I wanted to be a policewoman and then a lawyer. I ended up studying to be a journalist and now I am a broadcaster and I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing.”

4) Carol Fell In Love With Radio During Her University Days

Fresh out of high school, Carol went to study at Rand Afrikaans University, now known as the University of Johannesburg, and during her time there, she got involved with the campus radio station where she worked as both the DJ manager as well as an on-air presenter. It was then when Carol fell in love with the medium and pursued a career in radio.

5) Carol Has Had Some Interesting Jobs Throughout Her Career

Carol, like many of us, had a multitude of different jobs throughout her career. Carol tells us that she used to be a waitress and a PA to an insurance broker before she landed an internship at 947 and 702’s newsroom. Since then, she has honed her skills and pushed to become the formidable presenter she is today.

6) Her Most Embarrassing Moment Saw Her With Her Pants Down

We’ve all had some incredibly embarrassing moments during our time but for Carol, that fateful day was during a day out with friends. “I was wearing some fancy pants that tie in the back while on a day out and when exiting my friend’s car, that tie got jammed in the seat,” Carol explains. “As I stepped out the car, a passer-by held their mouth in shock and when I looked down my pants were on the floor and I was just in my undies. I will never forget the woman’s gasp, ever! I wanted to hibernate with the bears forever!”

7) Carol’s Childhood Is Laced With Memories Of Her Grandmother

Carol tells us that she has some remarkable childhood memories and they’re all thanks to her grandmother. Mommy D, as her grandmother was affectionately known, had a loving relationship with Carol and often baked the most delicious scones and magwinya for her. “Her hugs were soothing and her laugh hearty,” Carol recalls fondly. “Rest in peace, Mommy D”.

8) Carol’s Dream Gig Would Be Hearing Her Voice At The World’s Biggest Events

Carol is one of South Africa’s most successful voice over artists and as she continues to dominate the field locally, Carol would love to be the voice for an event as big as the Oscars or the Grammys. “These are the biggest nights in entertainment so that would be a dream come true.” Naturally, Carol also has sights on expanding her radio career locally. “I would love to host a breakfast or drive radio show – I am working very hard to see at least one of these realised.”

9) Carol Is Obsessed With Reality TV

While Carol is an exceptionally hard worker, when she gets home, she loved to unwind by catching up on her favourite reality TV shows with a glass of wine. Her favourites include The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Potomac, Love and Hip Hop, Marriage Bootcamp and 90 Day Fiancé!.

10) Carol’s Best Parenting Tip

Carol is fast-cementing herself as a leader in the parenting space as well. Carol is a big family woman as well and admits she loves to spend time with her children while giving them unlimited supplies of hugs and kisses. When asked what is one parenting tip that has worked wonders for her, she says that parents need to mean what they say when speaking to their children. “Parenting has no room for empty threats and promises. Once you say something to your children, stand by it – both when you reprimand and reward your children. Oh, and there is a lot more room for hugs, kisses and saying I love you.”

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