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5 hacks to feel good, on a budget.

Four months into 2021 and the country has finally moved to alert level 1. While we aren’t going to be enjoying the party scene for some time yet, it is time that we made a little more effort, after all – if you look good, you feel good. And 2021 is all about feeling good.

The team behind the Playgirl Deodorant brand says that smelling great is intrinsically linked to feeling great. Small time investments, little treats and some creative thinking can make you feel immeasurably good!

They suggest these five ways to feel good when your budget is limited:

1. Self-care 101:

No self-care routine is complete without a face mask to start the process. The best part is, you don’t have to look far for the product – you can make it in your own kitchen! By combining just three ingredients, this all-natural face mask is perfect for toning and tightening, and may even help prevent future blemishes. Combine 1/4 cup oats with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoon milk. Mix together well before pasting on clean, dry skin. Leave for 7 minutes and wash off with a clean, warm facecloth. Voila!

2. Feeling good from the ground up

Put your best foot forward! It’s a cinch to give yourself a pedicure at home. Trim, file and buff your nails, soak your feet in warm soapy water, buff your heels and put a slick of clear or coloured polish on your nails. Slip into a comfy pair of pretty slops and you’ll float for the rest of the day.

3. Curly locks

Whether it’s your lashes, your bangs or your mane, it’s time to give them some volume. Sleep with rollers in, or even just the odd plait and wake up to luscious locks. Remember to run your fingers through your do as opposed to a hairbrush to keep the locks grouped together (not frizzy). If you have a mousse at home, remember to rub together in your hands first and apply from the bottom up scrunching the hair to maintain the integrity of the curls. It’s amazing what a bouncy style can do for your mood!

4. Burn a few calories

Feeling good starts from the inside out, so take the time each morning to wake and move your body. Start with a cat curl (on all fours arching and extending your back) to get your spine mobile. Move into a downward dog to wake your shoulders and hamstrings. Slowly come to an upright position and roll your head from side to side, along with slowly turning your ankles. If you’re up to it, take a 20 minute jog around your neighbourhood to get the endorphins flowing.

5. Scent

Smelling great doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Opt for a perfumed body spray as opposed to a pricey perfume. The range from Playgirl includes 13 fabulous scents to suit every occasion and mood. Use as a deodorant and give yourself an extra spritz after getting dressed to make sure your signature scent follows you wherever you may go. For just R26.99 per can, you’re able to choose your top 3 to keep you feeling great.

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