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5 minutes with Professional Rugby player, Dillon Smit.

On and off the field, this professional rugby player, lives and breathes his sport. He's energetic, a big brother, and of course a true South African man, who loves nothing more than a good old fashioned braai. We sat down with Dillon Smit and got to know him a little better. Have a read below...

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Fun, Driven, Family-man, Energetic, Loyal

What are about to start the 2020 Super Rugby season - how has the preparing been thus far and what do you hope to achieve this upcoming season?

It has been very good. We have a very good squad of youth and experience and everyone is working very hard. Personally I want to contribute to the success of the Lions team and by doing that I hope to get a Springbok call-up. 

What was your childhood like?

I had an amazing childhood. I have the best parents and a wonderful younger brother. I grew up in a house filled with love and compassion. There was never a moment where I did not have the opportunity to chase my dreams. They are still my biggest supporters and I am eternally grateful for them giving me the foundations in life for a good head start.

When did you first discover your love for playing rugby?

I grew up in a family that loves all sport. My father and grandfather both played rugby and my mother was the first woman referee to represent South Africa at the Women's World cup in 2006. Even as a young boy, scoring a try for your team is still one of the best feelings. 

Who are you when you’re simply at home, on a Sunday afternoon?

I like spending time at home with my wife where the two of us plus the furkids, will watch a movie or have a nice braai. Nothing beats spending time with my loved ones and prepping for the week ahead. 

Who do you admire within the South African sporting industry, and why?

Francois Pienaar must be one of the biggest icons in South African sport. Not only was he the first South African to lift the Rugby World Cup, but the difference he has made since retiring from rugby is immense. He has given many young rugby players the opportunity to to persue their dreams. 

How do you deal with negative criticism?

To be honest I stay away from any media and try to avoid reading any comments made about me. I learnt a valuable lesson from one of my friends that told me not to let any person speak about my life when they don't know who I am or what I am going through. I take what is needed and move on. There is always a lesson in criticism.

Who is your role model and why?

I have two. Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwayne Johnson. Both of them are massive influencers within their industry and they know the sacrifices, dedication and hard work that is required to stay at the top of their game. I like the way they portray themselves professionally and personally and always try to have a positive influence on society.

Where’s the most interesting place you have travelled to and why?

Buenos Aires, it was very sad to see how the divide of poverty and wealth could live a block away from each other and choose not to notice one another. 

What motto or words do you live by?

F.R.O.G. which means: fully rely on God. 

Everything I do, I do to glorify His name.

We all know that the media doesn’t always get all their info correct, what is the strangest thing you have read or heard about yourself that wasn’t true?

I must say, I'm lucky in that sense, I have never heard anything too crazy about myself, other than people getting my name wrong. 

In your sporting career, you get to meet a wide variety of people. Who was your most memorable?

Jo Black was definitely one of my most memorable. What he is doing for South African music is amazing. He also has an inspiring story to tell.

I am sure you have encountered a few fans along the way, what has been your favourite fan encounter?

I recently met a girl that had Down Syndrome. She was a big fan but was quick to inform me that she is also a sportsperson representing South Africa at athletics. She definitely left a mark as one of my favourites. She was an absolute inspiration.

Did you always see yourself as a professional rugby player, or did you have different dreams as a child?

It has been a childhood dream since I can remember. I never wanted to be anything else. I would like to stay in the sports industry after retiring from playing the game. 

What has been your most challenging decision in your career thus far? What made it so challenging?

I had the opportunity to play for the Blitzboks but turned it down to stay at the 15-man format. The only thing that made it challenging was the fact that I turned down the opportunity to become a Springbok, but I believe I just postponed.

Life after rugby - what do you see yourself doing in 10 years time?

I have a big passion for coaching and would like to become an International coach and take a team to the World cup. That is definitely one of my life goals.

Everyone harbours a pet peeve. What is yours?

Tardiness. I am very punctual and pride myself on always being on time. 

Final Question. If you could choose any superhero to play on a big-budget Hollywood production, who would you play?

There's only one real Superhero, isn't there. I would want to be Superman. A law-abiding Citizen with the power to change the world. 


Favourite chocolate? Ferrero Rocher

Favourite TV show? America's Got Talent

Favourite movie? Hacksaw Ridge

Favourite Travel Item? My JBL Earphones

Favourite Clothing Brand? Adidas, Puma, Under Armour

Favourite childhood memory? My first rugby match at Loftus.

Your Woman Crush Wednesday? My wife, every day of the week.

Favourite holiday destination? Kruger National Park

Favourite sportswoman? Maria Sharapova

Must have fashion accessory? Watch, sunglasses

Favourite drink? Redbull

Follow Dillon on social media

Facebook: @dillonsmitrugby

Twitter: @dillonsmit9


Images from Instagram.

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