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5 minutes with... television Actor, David Louw.

He is one of SA’s most popular actors, and has starred in various successful movies, including Wolwedans In Die Skemer, Vuil Wasgoedand Modder en Bloed.  On the small screen everyone knows him from Villa Rosa, 7de Laan and Getroud met Rugby, where he is currently playing Simon Greeff in the popular KykNET soap. 

SA Life Sat down with the talented TV star and got to know him a bit better for our readers... have a look.

1) Describe yourself in 5 words?

Passionate, Loyal, Honest, Real, Stubborn.

2) What are you currently up to, career-wise?

I am still with Getroud Met Rugby on KykNet, where I play Simon Greeff. Absolutely love my

job! Apart from that, Retief Scholtz and I are working on a theatre play that will debut early

next year. And then I launched my own clothing label, INGU (I’ll Never Give Up), earlier this

year, something I’m extremely proud of.

3) What was your childhood like?

I had an amazing childhood. I grew up in a small town called Vrede in the Free State. We

didn’t have the kind of stress and pressure that kids have nowadays.

4) When did you first discover a love for the entertainment industry?

I won’t say there was a specific moment or time in my life when I discovered my passion.

What I do remember though, is that from a very young age I loved telling stories to people and make them laugh. My mom says I loved to be the center of attention. I say I was born to be an actor.

5) Who are you when you’re simply at home, on a Sunday afternoon?

I have perfected the art of vegging on the couch in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon. I

would watch a movie or Formula 1 with my boy in my arms (Logan my dog). I think the two of

us are addicted to watching TV.

6) Who do you admire within the South African entertainment industry, and why?

Marius Weyers. He is one of the biggest actors in our country, extremely hardworking with an

impeccable work ethic. But despite all his accolades he has remained so humble. He never

got bigger than his work.

7) How do you deal with negative criticism?

Negative criticism is never nice. In this industry you must have a thick skin as to not take

everything personally. Take what is relevant, work on that, and chuck the rest. I usually take

a day or two, crawl back into my “cave”, and watch some more TV with my boy

8) Who is your role model and why?

My mother. She is an incredible woman. So strong.

9) Where’s the most interesting place you have travelled to and why?

Williston in the Northern Cape. It has a different kind of beauty. How the sun sets in the

evening, covering the earth with a red blanket. A donkiekar making its way on a dusty road,

and in the far-off distance a little lamb calling for its mother. The Karoo is a place that speaks

directly to your soul, whether you like it or not.

10) What motto or words do you live by?

INGU (I’ll never give up).

11) We all know that the media doesn’t always get all their info correct, what is the strangest thing you have read about yourself that wasn’t true?

They once called me Dewald Louw, the guy that won the Afrikaans Idols on KykNET, and that

Nicolas Louw and I are cousins.

12) What is the most memorable tweet you have received or been tagged in?

Every tweet from a fan is special to me.  

13) In your career, you get to meet a wide variety of people. Who was your most


Danie Gerber, Divan Serfontein, Naas Botha, Joost van der Westhuizen. They all impacted me in so many ways.

14) I am sure you have encountered a few fans along the way, what has been your favourite fan encounter?

This is going to sound so cliché, but every time you meet a fan you are reminded that what

you do is still valued, and that makes every encounter quite special.

15) Did you always see yourself in the entertainment industry, or did you have different dreams as a child?

I actually wanted to become a professional Tennis or Rugby player.

16) What has been your most challenging decision in your career thus far? What made it so


Every tough decision I’ve had to make thus far I haven’t seen as a challenge, but an

opportunity. Whether it is in relation to your professional or personal life, it’s all about your


17) Everyone harbours a pet peeve. What is yours?

People that chew with an open mouth. Especially when they eat apples. I hate that.

18) Final Question. If you could choose any superhero to play on a big budget Hollywood production, who would you play?

Not so much the superhero, but the superhero’s nemesis: The Joker.


a) Favourite chocolate?


b) Favourite TV show?

Shameless and Banshee.

c) Favourite movie?

Boy A.

d) Favourite Travel Item?

The less luggage the better.

e) Favourite Clothing Brand?

INGU and Nike.

f) Favourite childhood memory?

My mom taking me to all my sport events at school.

g) Your Woman Crush Wednesday?

Mila Kunis.

h) Favourite holiday destination?

Anywhere in the bush.

i) Favourite sportswoman?

Dafne Schippers.

j) Must have fashion accessory?

What is that?

k) Favourite drink?

I don’t drink alcohol in general, but a glass of bubbly isn’t too bad now and again.

Social Media

Instagram: @louwdavid

Facebook: @DavidLouwPage

Twitter: @David_Louw01

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