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8 Simple tips to enjoy a comfortable and safe long-distance bus trip even amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Thousands of people rely on long distance bus services between South African provinces or even from South Africa to one of our neighbouring nations. Given the vastness of the southern African region, this can involve journeys that take up most of the day or even overnight.

“Now, along with the stiff legs, boredom and fatigue, travellers also need to manage the risks of COVID-19 on their bus journey. However, travelling by bus is affordable, and often the only means of long-distance transportation, so it should be comfortable and even enjoyable if you’re well-prepared,” says Brandon Duffield, Managing Director for Ticketpro, which has just added long-haul bus tickets to its portfolio of services.

With that in mind, here are a few tips from Ticketpro about how you can enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

1. Remember masks, sanitisers and social distancing

Try to wear a cloth facemask throughout your journey, besides when you’re eating or stretching your legs far from others during a stop. Pack an extra mask or two, in case you lose a mask or want to change it for a fresh one. Take hand sanitiser to clean your hands after you touch potentially infected surfaces. Also bring sanitising wipes to clean seats, eating trays, handles and other surfaces.

2. Travel overnight

For an especially long trip, travelling overnight can relieve some of the boredom. You can sleep and arrive refreshed at your destination rather than gazing out the window for hours wondering when you’ll get there.

3. Pack a blanket and neck pillow

For extra comfort and to beat the air-conditioning on your bus trip, make sure to pack a blanket and pillow.

4. Remember earplugs and an eye mask

Earplugs to shut out noise from the road and passenger chatter, plus an eye mask to cut out the glare, can help you to settle in for some sleep, especially if travelling during the daytime.

5. Padkos

It’s far cheaper to bring your own snacks than to buy from convenience stores. Pack yourself energy drinks and water so you can stay hydrated throughout your trip.

6. Stretch your legs at every opportunity

Take advantage of the rest stops to get off the bus and stretch. It will relieve your fatigue and the cramps in your body.

7. Pack entertainment for the kids

Word-searches, colouring books, activity books, and small boardgames can keep the kids entertained during a long bus ride.

8. Choose your seat

If your bus allows you to prebook seats, you can choose an aisle or window seat at the front, middle or back of the bus.

Remember, you can now buy long-distance bus tickets for most major bus operators at SPAR Payzone Ticketpro kiosks, Sasol Delight garages, Power Fashion stores and Blu Approved outlets across the country.

The following bus-liners are now partners of Ticketpro and your bus trip can be booked with NO extra booking fees with:

· City to City

· Translux


· Eldo Coaches InterCity

· InterCape

· Africa People Mover (APM)

· Watch this space more liners joining soon

“We’re excited to make it easier for customers to book their bus tickets. And compliments from Ticketpro, anyone who purchases a long-distance bus ticket with our partners, we will reward our customers with some free airtime or data to catch up with family and friends or just to enjoy some downtime while catching up on your social media pages,” says Duffield.

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