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Pandora pays tribute to all mother figures by acknowledging the diversity of motherhood this Mother’s Day

Pandora pays special tribute to everyone who loves like a mum this Mother’s Day. Whether connected by family, biology, friendship, experience, or all of the above, the new Mother’s Day collection and campaign celebrate the innumerable different forms in which a mother’s love is expressed and explored, reaching far beyond its traditional understanding.

To honour a mother’s love, Pandora’s Mother’s Day Moments and Timeless collections have been embedded with meaning and messages to reflect the impact and influence mothers have on our lives.

New stories, new craftsmanship

New pieces from the collections have been carefully hand-crafted to explore stories of motherly love. A metaphor for motherly protection, an elegant sterling silver double dangle charm displays a cut-out heart lined with white bioresin man-made mother of pearl paveì along its edges. An innovative new technique which results in pieces that are the ultimate eye-catcher.

Sparkling Infinity Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

The classic snake chain bracelet and bangle are introduced with unique clasps highlighting detailed craftsmanship. An openwork heart intertwined with an infinity symbol symbolises everlasting love for all types of mothers.

Paveì is a big part of Pandora’s heritage and identity, and this season it has received a modern spin resulting in a stunning paveì that is very specific to Pandora. A linear setting with at least three rows of stones gives a three-dimensional effect that sparkles from every angle. This new technique is featured on rings, earrings and necklaces in sterling silver, 14k gold plating and 14k rose gold plating.

Paveì Double-row Hoop Earrings

Mother Nature

Much like Mother Nature herself, the love of a mother figure is both powerful and nurturing. The new Timeless Herbarium pieces reflect this nurturing love with strikingly beautiful pieces in sterling silver and delicate stones. Echoing leaf and petal silhouettes, the designs were created using different stone cuts and shapes to form sparkling clusters of plants and flowers. Whether an eye-catching flower ring, or a bracelet of intricate plants flourishing around the wrist, each piece is an empowering representation of what it means to love and nurture as a mother.

Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Stud Earrings


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