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A cheeky comical ballet with a difference, say hello to “Men in Tutus”.

The ballet that thrills South Africa showcased its first production at Monte Casino in Johannesburg. If you are looking for a tongue in cheek comedy thrown in with a classic mix of technical choreographed ballet, this is the show for you.

Presented by Les Ballet Eloelle and led by the artistic brilliance of the founder and lead dancer Victor Trevino, the all-male cast of ballet dancers from Spain, Mexico, the US, Philippines, Australia, Isle of Wight, Colombia, Japan as well as the South African dancer, Joel Morris.

It is an experience set for the whole family to enjoy, with a clear tongue-in-cheek comical influence and technical skills of professional dancers. You can expect all the gorgeous elements of pointe shoes, luxurious costumes, tutus and tiaras.

Men in Tutus has made their mark in the dancing world, with having many ballet companies turning and taking note of this incredible production, and making a point to incorporate more comical pieces into their routines, that often can seem drab.

Eloelle is all about pushing boundaries however still making a technically skill-sound performance. For the ballet-fans at heart, one knows that male dancers are trained to be sound and grounded, however with the routine the dancers do, it has to have been quite a challenging training schedule that’s portrayed and without a doubt pays off.

There are so many dancing acts to comment on and praise during the performance., however one that stands out is the dying swan. The dancer, Trevino dances en point for a whole 3 minutes. Being on his toes for the entire dance is absolutely mind-blowing. It is an incredible showcase of talent and acts of strength. But definitely difficult to try and choose a favourite act.

The show features incredible dancing acts, Pas de Quatre, Le Corsaire and Swan Lake’s second act.

Moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town’s Art scape theatre. This is one show NOT to miss. The show will be showcased in Cape Town from the 18-21st April 2019. Beauty, elegance, beautiful dancing, ballet skills on another level.

Tickets can be bought between R190 and R390 and can be purchased at Computicket at the following link.

Tickets: HERE

This is far beyond men dancing en pointe, it’s an incredibly fun filled event for everyone to join. Pushing all trivial boundaries that without a doubt blur the lines of art. Incredible….. without a doubt a show to see.

Photo credit : Mariola Biela

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