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A Few Brave Broadcasters - The all-female guest line-up for #PureConversations episode 2.

In another unscripted, unedited and live podcast with Gareth Cliff, four powerhouse women, Bonang Matheba, Unathi Nkayi, Kuli Roberts and Masechaba Ndlovu, sat together and broke the boundaries on radio talk. From addressing the media wanting to pit females against one another, to the sexism and the hurdles they had to overcome, from salary differences and opinions of closed minded people in power, they shed light on everything that happened during their time on the radio. Windhoek and CliffCentral bring you #PureConversations - a podcast giving icons and legends across industries the platform for 100% unfiltered, unscripted, and unedited conversations. 

Episode 001 featured Dj Fresh, Tbo Touch, Dj Sbu, Robert Marawa revealing the untold stories of broadcasting in South Africa. Following this highly successful episode with the legendary men, the microphone was handed to four iconic women in the industry. 

Bonang Matheba, Kuli Roberts, Masechaba Ndlovu, Unathi Nkayi and hosted by Gareth Cliff went live at 19:30 on Wednesday night and they delivered a boundary-breaking insight of conversation never heard before on any South African platform.

Before the episode ended, #PureConversations was trending nationally on social media. 

Some of the highlighted quotes from the powerhouse females were eye-opening.

“I didn’t understand the patriarchy until I entered commercial radio.” - Masechaba Ndlovu

“He asked me how big do I want to become? I said I want to be the biggest.” - Unathi Nkayi

“There's great power in knowing what to say no to. I'm led by love.” - Bonang

“People think we don't like each other but we love each other.” - Kuli Roberts

For both episodes: Click here to listen now

We absolutely loved how refreshing the episode was. Real talk by women in the industry with no filters and no hold-backs. We need more "Pure Conversations" like this to be heard.

A MUST-LISTEN podcast for all South Africans.

What we loved about this podcast.

  • Being able to live stream and watch the women in their element with no hold backs - Amazing!

  • It was an ALL female - GIRL POWER episode, amazing to hear from the ladies and get some female perspective after the gents on episode 1.

  • Gareth gave the ladies free reign, he steered the conversation on topics that were fresh, untouched and with a no-hold barrel he got results of conversation never before heard on the radio

  • What better, than to get 4 strong, independent, brand-established and popular known women who are an inspiration to so many females wanting to get into the industry and that many in the industry look up to.

  • They are pillars of strength and motivation, incredible role models and entertainment icons.

Get the podcast or watch the video:

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