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A toast to Rhino conservation efforts.

The Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company brings rhino conservation to the fore with

their latest offering, Cape Town Black Rhino Gin.

One of South Africa’s premium gin brands, Cape Town Gin, has added a new

varietal to its stellar cast of gins which will allow gin enthusiasts a chance to give

back to rhino conservation as well as being a delightful sip for summer.

“We’ve always believed that to be a great enduring company, you need to give back,” says Jaco Boonzaaier, director of Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company. “Our Cape Town the Pink Lady Gin supports the important work done by leading breast cancer community carer PinkDrive, and we work closely with Khoisan Gourmet, who empower local Khoi and San farming communities, to create our Rooibos Red Gin.”

And their latest offering is no different.

Made in the classic style and infused with rhino bush and buchu, Cape Town Black

Rhino Gin supports the ongoing fight to save the rhino by donating a portion of

proceeds for every bottle sold to the Boucher Legacy. The NPO has set out to

protect not only the endangered rhino but also the pangolin and other dwindling

species from extinction at the hands of humans with the hope of ending poaching for

good across the country.

South Africa is home to most of the world’s rhino population. Naturally, this has

made us a target for poachers. Even though there is no truth in the myth that rhino

horn holds medicinal properties, this hasn’t stopped the demand for illegal rhino

horns and poachers are happy to meet that demand. Their methods are cruel, with

speed prioritised over the animals’ lives. If rhinos are lucky, poachers will tranquilise

them first before their horns are hacked off, leaving the creature behind to bleed to

death (and maybe rescued) or for the unlucky, they’re simply shot dead to be


In part due to lockdown, 2020 saw the lowest number of rhinos poached yearly since

2011 with 394 rhinos lost, but the fight is far from over. Every day that passes is

another day we lose a rhino. And, with restrictions being lifted and international travel

seemingly back on the cards, these numbers will surely increase.

Of course, the extinction of these great beasts would be a tragedy, but few realise

the ramifications for us should this actually happen. This is because the rhino is a

keystone species. This means that they are the glue that holds a habitat together – if

they should disappear, it would set off a chain of events that could drastically change

that habitat or even eradicating it completely. “Through our Cape Town Black Rhino

Gin, we hope to highlight the many roles the rhino provides,” adds Jaco.

With its brilliant olive-green colour, which it gets from the local botanicals, and a

slightly sweeter taste, the Cape Town Black Rhino Gin is a perfect gin for a new-

style G&T. “Like the rhino, it truly captures what it is to be South African in every sip,” explains Jaco.

Together we can stop poaching and habitat loss, and save rhinos from extinction.

Make a difference by buying a bottle of Cape Town Black Rhino Gin at your nearest

leading liquor store and share it with your friends and family.

Like and follow the Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company on social media to keep up to date on all their latest news and offerings and book your tasting at the new Cape Town Spirits Emporium at the V&A Waterfront on their website.

Facebook: @capetowngin

Instagram: @capetowngin


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