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African Vodka set to launch end August 2020!


The best of Africa has been distilled into a new premium copper distilled Vodka, Vusa.

Using locally grown sugarcane from the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal and blended with only the

water from the hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, this is African vodka at its purest, but at

heart of Vusa is the legendary Baobab, whose shells create the activated carbon filter which

create Vusa’s signature smooth finish.

“With a fresh take and unfiltered point of view on African craft and style, we created Vusa to

only put new craft and new energy into the vodka category but to also show the world what

have always known about its culturally and resource rich continent” says head distiller, Angelo

Not just vodka but Vodka with a purpose, Vusa (verb) means “Awaken” and true to its name

demonstrate the power of African craft, culture and aesthetic, and challenge cultural bias on a


As well as its main distillery in the Midlands, Vusa is investing in a mobile distillery which will

through the continent to produce exciting new flavoured vodkas and provide a platform to

African voices and stories.

“Vusa embodies the vibrancy, creativity and quality you find in all four corners of the African

continent and we have made it our mission to take this spirit to the world” says creative

Thabo Molaba. Vusa is committed to creating change in the spirit world and beyond, and is doing so through with the Vusa Foundation. A portion of all profits are donated to the Khulisani Foundation aims to support urban farming and drive positive transformation around South African communities.

In a 750ml bottle, Vusa Vodka is available at a recommended retail price of R250 from

selected SPAR stores.Vusa Vodka is not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly.

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Instagram: @vusavodka

Facebook: @VUSA

Website: visit

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