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Angel Nova, the newest star in the MUGLER fragrances universe.

Angel Nova, the newest star in the MUGLER fragrances universe.

Discover ANGEL NOVA by MUGLER, a fragrance between pleasure and determination that blossoms, thanks to a supernatural and sensual rose.

A fragrance that celebrates daring, creativity and imagination.

An inspiring fragrance that gives a woman the power to reinvent herself.


A captivating Eau de Parfum created from the thrilling fusion of a deliciously fruity scent, an exclusive MUGLER rose, and powerful, modern wood. The dazzling combination of pleasure and self-affirmation, thanks to a Fruity Floral Woody Eau de Parfum.


The overdose of Raspberry notes brings colour and life to the WONDER facet. Overtones of sweetness are combined with lychee notes for a fruity addiction, making it impossible not to radiate and blush with joy.


The alliance between nature and innovation creates an ultimate femininity. The Damask rose is enhanced by a double extraction to obtain an intoxicating natural rose, mixed with a new, supernatural rose essence created from upcycling* and biotechnology. A textured and sensual MUGLER rose.


A woody structure of Akigalawood and Benzoin provide contrast and an assertive personality. The vibrant Akigalawood is combined with the enticing and captivating benzoin, adding power and presence to the fragrance.


The supernatural MUGLER rose comes from a double extraction, combining classic distillation and biotechnology. The Damask roses that are carefully chosen for Angel Nova are distilled the first time; this classic procedure generates natural residues that MUGLER is committed to recycling in a more eco-friendly approach. Now rid of their scent, the petals are adorned only by their colour and that is when a second extraction of the same petals, possible only through biotechnological innovation, reveals a new scent. (*) Upcycling, i.e. reusing the already-distilled rose petals, thus saving them from early destruction, has never been seen before in perfumery. This allows the natural plant resource to be saved (one flower = two extracts) and the creation of an exclusive product with at least the same level of quality obtained from the residues of another production via the enzymatic process – and not simply from harvesting.


Every size of ANGEL NOVA is designed to be a refillable perfume with the ANGEL NOVA Refill Bottle. Replenish your fragrance at home and never miss ANGEL NOVA with the sleek and eco-responsible Refill Bottle. Indulge in responsible luxury perfume with Mugler and cherish your everlasting bottle forever.

34 Million Bottles Refilled Since 1992 1 Mugler Bottle Refilled Every 23 Seconds 3684 Bottles Reused Everyday

How to refill your Angel Nova bottle at home

MUGLER Angel Nova is available from 5 July 2021 at select Foschini, Truworths and Edgars stores.

Angel Nova 100ml – RRSP R2250-00

Angel Nova 50ml – RRSP R1500-00

Angel Nova 30ml – RRSP R1230-00

Angel Nova 100ml eco refill – RRSP R2080-00

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