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ANTHONY OSEYEMI – Touching the lives of many worldwide.

When we think of Anthony Oseyemi, there are a few words that come to mind. Talented, entertaining, authentic and honest are just a few that describe him best. As an actor, writer, musician and producer of Nigerian descent, Anthony boasts a diverse skill set which is currently being showcased on a Netflix Drama series, called Agent, which sees him act alongside Khumbulani Kay Sibiya and Sisanda Henna. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Anthony has built a career in South Africa and has since moved into the international film and television scene where he continues to excel. But it’s his latest venture that has everyone talking, with the release of a brand new single, debuting in the midst of what we would call a very important period. We caught up with Anthony to find out more about this inspiring single, and the inspiration behind it. Why is this song so important to you? It’s an expression of how I feel, everything is so full of possibility, but we need to confront things in society that have been swept under the carpet in the name of progress, while busy projecting one image of reality.

What is "change" to you? Not doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Where did you draw your inspiration from when writing this song? The track was literally inspired by news events in relation to the students' unrest because they were quite literally frustrated, we’re busy saying to them one thing is possible if you do the s while we do that.  You can’t say an example; you have to be the example. What goes into making a song, in such a short period of time? Simply put inspiration and experience, song writing is story telling with a hook. You were born and raised in the UK, but relocated to South Africa. Why was this an important move for you? I was familiar with SA and liked what I’d seen and experienced and some things just resonated with me. A change of location is always good for growth, you leave your comfort zone, you either sink or swim.  How do you celebrate your Nigerian heritage? In my name, in my writing, in my performances, and characterisations.

As an actor, musician and writer - who inspires you? As an actor it’s always been and will be Mr. Denzel Washington, and I mean no disrespect to the many other greats, but he encapsulates an era and embodies for me the total skill of an actor. Music there has always been two particular artists, the late greats, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley and more recently Nina Simone. Her compositions are delicious like honey mixed with vinegar, she captures the human condition exquisitely. What are you currently up to career wise? Just started on a series called ‘ISONO’ the sin, fantastic cast, really enjoying it, and of course plotting some features and series of my own, Mo, which I'd say is about time haha. What important message do you wish to share with the world during this time? It’s time to talk about it, that’s all there is to it.  'Necessity is the mother of invention' Catch Anthony on an upcoming series called ‘Dead Places’, as well as a series called 'ISONO', which is said to keep audiences wanting more.

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