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April is National Foot Awareness Month.

April is recognized as National Foot Health Awareness Month, and as it is fast approaching, there are a few things about foot health everyone should know. Afterall, our feet carry us everywhere and we should take good care of them to ensure they remain healthy.

Tips for Healthy Feet

Wear the right shoes

Unfortunately, April means we’re moving into the colder months of the year, which also means swapping those summer slip-slops for some socks and shoes. Making sure your shoes fit right and are comfortable is important to avoid pain or irritation.

Socks are important too

Socks help with comfort and hygiene too, and matter just as much as the shoe. To avoid nasty issues such as athlete’s foot or bacterial infections, choose socks that are breathable and do not rub. Bamboo socks are super-absorbent and much more breathable than cotton or wool. They’re also anti-fungal and are proven to reduce odor, something nobody wants from their feet!

Try Sexy socks’ bamboo range – R199 - - Made from bamboo, Sexy Socks will keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. Super soft, anti-odour, anti-bacterial, and available in a range of unique designs, they are the ideal addition to your wardrobe. Plus, for every pair sold, they give a pair of school socks to a child in need

Pamper your feet

Most people think of facemasks and manicures when they think of self-care, but looking after your feet should be one of your top priorities too. Try soaking your feet in Epsom salts, getting someone to give you a foot rub or using a foot scrub to fully clean your feet. Stress can actually cause issues such as cramps or cracked skin, so giving your feet some extra love is crucial in this day and age.

Try Citrusway Foot Restoration Cream – R179 - A deep, ultra-hydrating formula that is enriched with a natural citrus extract to soften, smooth & revitalize rough, damaged skin. avail at Dis-Chem, Takealot & Also try Earthsap’s Tea-Tree Foot Lotion – R54.90. This foot lotion formula from Earthsap deodorises and revives the feet, using a blend of real tea tree and mint oils, Available at selected SPAR stores, health shops nationwide, Wellness Warehouse and online at Also try Mavala’s Hydro-Repairing Foot Care – R286.95 - this treatment immediately soothes and moisturises skin and allows to efficiently fight against any abnormal thickness of the corneous layer of the feet.


An injury to the foot is one of the most inconvenient and can easily be avoided with some precaution. Stretching your legs and feet before exercise is crucial in order to warm them up as well as avoid any injuries or pain that could occur.

Try Wintergreen’s range of products with therapeutic natural actives, helps soothe and support muscles and joints. Trusted by sports therapists and the official analgesic supplier to professional rugby teams.

Keep hygienic

Washing your feet daily, filing away any rough or dead skin, clipping your toenails and drying your feet properly after showering/bathing are all essential steps in foot hygiene and help keep odor and discomfort at bay.

Try Earthsap’s Tea Tree Foot Spray – R69.90 - this natural antifungal foot spray is made with real tea tree oil, to combat common skin irritations and odours. Pop this refreshing spray in your gym bag to keep smelly, sweaty feet at bay, or apply it in the mornings and evenings to revive those tired tootsies. Also try Citrusway’s Foot Refresh – R199 - revitalises damaged skin and imperfections for smooth soles. The proven combination of grapefruit extract and vitamin C helps to control fungal growth and promote supple, crack resistant skin, avail at Dis-Chem, Takealot & For clipping toenails try Mavala’s nail clippers – R167 - also try Kiss Toenail Clipper – R79.99 which comes with super sharp, curved blades for precision cutting. Made with chrome-plated, heat-treated steel to last you a lifetime – avail at Clicks.

Take pain seriously

If you experience pain, swelling, itchiness or discomfort for a prolonged period of time, it is important to visit a podiatrist, to make sure nothing serious is occurring. Checkups are always a good idea anyway, to make sure your feet are happy and healthy.

Look after your feet, they carry you through life

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