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Batiste now tailored for your individual crown.

The world’s No.1 Dry Shampoo, Batiste, acknowledges that women today need

a quick, individual crown refresh. Introducing the new Hair Benefits range: A Lightweight

and Invisible Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair whilst meeting your specific hair needs.

Using a lightweight, invisible and enriched formula, the Batiste Hair Benefits range comes

in four individualised Dry Shampoos, each designed to provide that instant refresh for your

hair type!

Dry Shampoo + Volume, enriched with collagen, plumps flat and lifeless hair to give us back

our bounce; Dry Shampoo + Damage Control, contains strengthening keratin for hair

weakened by heat, styling and colour to soothe our frazzle; Dry Shampoo + Hydrate,

enriched with moisturizing avocado re-infuses dry hair to give us back the softness missing in

our day; and the Dry Shampoo + De-Frizz with its coconut enriched formula effectively

tames our mane but never our power.

Batiste’s new Lightweight & Invisible Hair Benefits range takes your individual hair needs

to the next level.

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Facebook; @BatisteZA

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