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Beat dry skin this winter with Serra by Lamelle Research Laboratories.

If there’s one thing Lamelle knows all about it’s how to beat dry skin. After decades of research, we’ve created some of the world’s most innovative moisturisers and no you’re not imagining it – your skin reallyis drier and “thirstier” in winter.

As the cold kicks in, the humidity levels drop and the air attempts to equalize by drawing moisture from whatever it can – including your skin. Indoor heating doesn’t help much either as that also reduces humidity and the result is often skin that doesn’t have enough of the moisture essential to a healthy barrier function. Worse yet, everyone’s favourite winter treat – a long, hot bath or shower with harsh, “strippy” soaps – can cause the type of inflammation that also messes with your skin’s barrier function.

The result? Dry skin that, thanks to a damaged barrier, is vulnerable to becoming itchy and inflamed because its damaged “seal” lets irritants in and moisture out. This is why, if you’re prone to inflammatory skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, winter is a prime time for flare-ups.

Get your moisture back

If you’d like to beat winter dryness and soothe irritated, inflamed skin, you’ll be glad to know you can do it with just a few clever skincare swaps. The first is to toss any highly fragranced soaps or cleansers that contain a high concentration of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a foaming agent that can irritate dry, sensitive skin. Rather opt for our bestselling Serra Cleansing Gel. Specially created for dry, sensitive skin, it’s a soap- and fragrance-free formula that gently cleanses without drying out your skin.

Next, you want to ensure you’re using a cutting-edge moisturiser. Many think beating winter dryness is as simple as switching from a light lotion to a thicker, creamier one is all it takes but they’d be wrong. Heavier doesn’t mean more hydrating. What you really need is the right ingredients – those that mimic the lipids in your skin’s bilayer – and you’ll find them in our skin hydrating hero, Serra Restore Cream.

It hydrates and soothes like a boss because it doesn’t just add moisture but helps you lock it thanks to skin barrier-repairing lipids like our patented Ceramide-P. However, if you’ve got exceptionally dry and sensitive skin, we suggest you try Serra Soothing Cream. Some of its ingredients are encapsulated in extra lipids and it contains our unique anti-redness and anti-itch therapy. Ultimately, whichever you choose, to beat winter dryness as they hydrate, soothe and repair a weakened or damaged skin barrier – ensuring your newfound moisture is for keeps.

A bit about your body

Lastly, let’s not forget about the skin on your body. Just like the skin on your face, it can also become dry and irritated by winter weather. Happily, you’ve got a great weapon of choice in Serra Soothing Body Lotion. It also contains Ceramide-P along with a double whammy of mega hydrators – hyaluronic acid and urea. The latter provides relief from inflammatory skin conditions like eczema because it also gently exfoliates by softening the hard, dry cells on the surface of your skin. This makes it easier for them to naturally shed and reveal fresh, healthy, skin.

Ultimately, if you’re wanting to beat winter dryness, switching to Serra by Lamelle is definitely the smartest way to do it. Visit: for more information

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