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Beaucience Botanicals - Inspired By The Pea.

Beaucience offers a kind, yet direct approach to skin aging for men and women, all products contain a breakthrough botanical called PROTEASYL. This is an amazing ingredient that works naturally with our skin to help to create younger, healthier-looking skin.

As a baby, our skin is at an equilibrium where it is broken down and rebuilt on a continuous basis. The older we get, due to our slower metabolisms and external factors, our skin breaks down much faster than at the rate at which it is rebuilt.

Proteasyl (created from the extraction and purification of the pea) restores this equilibrium. The dermal proteins are therefore protected, cell metabolism (the production of collagen and elastin) is stimulated, dermal proteins are repaired and the skin is kept hydrated.

Beaucience also makes use of natural oils and innovative botanicals to ensure healthy, young and glowing skin.

Beaucience is a Proud Supporter of Look Good Feel Better and approved by Beauty without Cruelty.

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Beaucience Botanicals consists of skincare products for the entire body.

Beaucience Botanicals Range:

Botanical Hand Sanitizer- 60ml- R24.99

Our non-sticky, biodegradable hand sanitiser is specially formulated to moisturise while helping clean excess germs from the skin. For use when water, soap and towel are not available.

Directions for use: Squeeze a small amount onto palms of hands and rub together until the liquid has evaporated.

Botanicals Exfoliating Cream- 100ml- R109.99

This natural exfoliator with Rosehip Powder (hard enough to exfoliate but soft enough not to scratch the skin) removes dead skin cells, thus encouraging the lower layers to produce new cells faster.

The addition of Natural Organic Oils, Sunflower and Avocado ensures nourishment, vitamins and minerals are fresh to the skin. A unique blend of botanical extracts assist in moisturising and leaves the skin feeling comfortable and non-irritated.

Botanicals Anti-Bacterial Hygiene Hand Wash- 250ml- R75.99

Beaucience Anti-Bacterial and Soap-free hand wash is enriched with Organic White Willow Bark Extract and Tea Tree Oil for their antiseptic properties.

The skin is left softer and smoother after use. Contains Organic Green Tea Extract as an antioxidant

Botanicals Day & Night Moisture Cream – Dry Skin- 50ml- R179.99

This unique and amazing formulation is non-greasy and readily absorbed into the skin. With the Botanical actives Proteasyl with Anti-Ageing Properties and Hydraseptyl (Synergistic Complex of Liposomes and Lotus Flower Extracts), Organic Marula and Wheatgerm Oil combined with anti-oxidant Organic Green Tea.

This cream uses the best of skin delivery technology and nature to provide the skin with moisture, nourishment and purity, resulting in youthful, healthy skin.

Botanicals Anti-Ageing Serum- 15ml- R299.99

Beaucience anti-ageing serum adds an extra boost to your beauty regime and is a luxurious treatment for your skin. The easily absorbed and light textured emulsion helps to prevent and smooth skin expression lines caused by both biological and mechanical modes of wrinkle formation. This promotes the skins’ youthful appearance.

With added anti-oxidants like green tea extract and botanical extracts, this luxurious facial treatment promotes the skin’s youthful appearance and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. The addition of cooling Aloe Vera gel gives a soothing effect, making this the perfect addition to your daily skincare regime.

Botanicals Body Butter- 250ml- R99.99

A luxurious Body Butter that is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. This unique formulation is enriched with a blend of natural oils, such as Organic Marula Oil and Avocado Oil.

This Body Butter can be used on the body, face, hands and feet.

Botanicals Toning Lotion- 250ml- R99.99

This easily applied spray-on toner is no ordinary toner. It is a natural toner that is alcohol free. It contains a natural blend of extracts: with Hazel, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Peach to provide the skin with anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturising properties.

Proteasyl PW provides superior anti-ageing properties and the result is a toner that is mild and gentle on the skin, yet extremely effective.

Botanicals Day & Night Moisture Cream – Normal/Combination Skin- 50ml- R149.99

This moisturiser is an extra luxurious, light and non-greasy, yet effective Day & Night Cream for Normal or Combination Skin. It helps to protect and repair the skin resulting in a fresh, healthy toned and youthful looking skin.

It incorporates natural actives such as Proteasyl for its Anti-Ageing Properties, Hydraseptyl Liposomes, Lotus Flower Extract, nourishing Organic Marula, Wheatgerm and Avocado Oils for effective skin penetration and nourishment and added antioxidant properties from Organic Green Tea.

Botanicals Cleansing Gel- 250ml- R99.99

This luxurious, pH balanced soap-free cleanser has been formulated to be mild and gentle on the skin. It excludes ethoxylated surfactants and does not strip the skin’s natural oils.

With added extracts such as Aloe Vera, Peach, Organic Green Tea, Proteasyl and Witch Hazel, the skin is left feeling calm, moisturised and fresh. A unique blend of essential oils with coconut surfactants provide a fresh fragrance.

Botanicals Moisturising Body Milk- 250ml- R99.99

This unique formulation is non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it more moisturised and cared for.

Enriched with a blend of natural oils such as Organic Marula Oil, this body milk will work towards maintaining optimal skin moisture levels and reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

Botanicals Masque- 75ml- R129.99

This easy to use cleansing, revitalising and conditioning Masque has been developed incorporating Koalin, to absorb impurities. The skin is left with reduced impurities and is soft, smooth, brighter, well moisturized, radiant and younger looking.

Enriched with Cassia Angustifolice to form a protective water binding film on the skin, Organic and Vegetable Oils to feed the skin with vitamins, minerals and nourishment, a blend of Botanicals that calm and soothe the skin and Proteasyl for its Anti-Ageing properties.

Botanicals SPF 15 Day Cream- 50ml with Free Hand Sanitiser- R219.99

This unique and amazing formulation is non-greasy and readily absorbs into the skin due to its olive oil derivative base. Added to this are broad spectrum UV filters that absorb, reflect and scatter harmful rays. Proteasyl and its many Anti-Ageing properties work with a unique blend of flower extracts to protect the skin from harmful external factors, moisturising and nourishing the skin, resulting in protected healthy skin.

Botanicals Eye Resque Gel- 15ml- R149.99

This non-sticky, quickly absorbed gel is enhanced with Myoxinal – extracted from Hibiscus Seeds to smooth and help prevent line formations, Hibiscin HP – a botanical milk offering a tensor, firming effect, Proteasyl – Tea extract offering exntensive Anti-Ageing properties, Organic Green Tea with antioxidant properties and Eco-Cerified Hibiscus.

The Eye Resque Gel protects and nurtures the fragile skin around the eye area and leaves it toned, conditioned and smooth.

Botanicals Pampering Shower Gel- 250ml- R84.99

Beaucience Shower Gel is a unique soap-free formulation to aid in the removal of skin impurities.

It contains Organic White Willow Bark Extract to leave skin feeling softer and smoother with regular use.

Botanicals Strengthening Shampoo- 220ml- R84.99

Beaucience Strengthening Shampoo works towards protecting the hair with the use of mild, gentle, naturally derived cleansing agents. The hair is left cleansed, yet silky.

Botanicals Nourishing Conditioner- 220ml- R89.99

Beaucience Nourishing Hair Conditioner is enriched with essential hair nutrients. Hair looks silkier, smoother and protected.

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