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Belvedere and Janelle Monáe share vision of ‘A Beautiful Future’.

Belvedere Vodka, the original super-premium vodka, is excited to debut its stunning limited-edition bottle with GRAMMY-nominated musician, actor, and activist Janelle Monáe. The creative partnership encourages consumers to imagine another view, one of opportunity and empowerment termed “A Beautiful Future.”

The metallic-blue collage design on the white, limited-edition bottle represents the peeling back of layers to reveal the words "Beautiful Future," along with the familiar “Belweder” the Polish presidential Palace illustration and follows a series of annual limited-edition offerings.

The narrative for “A Beautiful Future” builds on the programme which kicked off last year when Belvedere and Monáe hosted a brunch for Monáe’s grassroots movement, Fem the Future, dedicated to advancing awareness and opportunities for women - and those who identify as women - through music, arts, mentorship and education. Following this, a global social media campaign asked consumers to define what “A Beautiful Future” looks like to them. Responses included optimistic messages of diversity, self-expression, inclusion, and empowerment. In a series of co-created content, Monáe read aloud a selection of these inspiring posts, calling for a beautiful future to start now.

Belvedere and Monáe both believe we must all be actively engaged in conversation, be given a space that encourages positive thought and afforded the opportunity to express hopes, desires and visions for what ‘A Beautiful Future’ looks like for all. “My collaboration with Belvedere is about a topic that’s very close to my heart - creating a future - A Beautiful Future - where people of all walks of life feel comfortable expressing themselves; where those who are typically dismissed feel included and heard,” says Janelle.

Crafted using only superior grade Polska rye and water from its own local pristine source, it’s 100% natural, contains no additives nor added sugar, and is produced in accordance with the legal requirements of Polska Vodka. Its taste profile is structured, elegant and balanced, with a subtle sweetness, rich mouthfeel, and smooth, clean finish. From Bloody Mary brunches to fresh sunset cocktails, this is a must-have addition to any liquor cabinet worth its muster this season.

Available from leading liquor merchants nationwide while stocks last. From R499.00.

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