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BIOMEDCAN Utilises Latest CBD Research to Provide Enhanced CBD Products.

With the plethora of CBD products flooding the market, it can be hard to know which ones have been made in someone’s kitchen and which follow any regulatory processes for safety and purity of the ingredients.

Research is emerging thick and fast on the benefits of CBD for sleep, anxiety, depression, arthritis, immune function, and many other conditions as well as overall improved well-being, but equally, research is also focusing on the most effective ways of harnessing the full therapeutic value of the cannabis plant, not just the CBD.

Locally produced BIOMEDCAN, an exciting new range of CBD capsules utilises this research.

For a faster and deeper natural sleep, BIOMEDCAN’s SLEEP capsules (RRP R549) combining 600mg CBD per container with active ingredients of valerian, hops, Ashwaganda, Sceletium, and Magnesium. The effect is to gently slow the mind down and promote a night of restful sleep, with no drowsiness the following morning.

Unique to this product range, BIOMEDCAN uses the so-called “Entourage Effect.” CBD is multitalented and has many health benefits that can be maximized with the combination of active ingredients (herbs, minerals, and vitamins) to the required ailment with amazing results. BIOMEDCAN’s products contain no THC and therefore don’t have a hallucinogenic effect and are not addictive.

The products have an accumulative effect over an extended period of using them, meaning that the effect continues to increase as your body becomes more receptive to them. It is, therefore, recommended to take the capsules regularly on a daily basis. All BIOMEDCAN products provide you with a month supply in one container referring to the recommended daily dosage.

In addition to the SLEEP capsules, the CBD range also includes several products that will assist with a wide variety of common health and lifestyle issues:

MIND – memory, and focus

MOOD – uplifting mood and decreasing stress

Coming soon:

PLEASURE – energy, endurance, stamina booster, longer-lasting erection, more intense and easier to reach orgasms for her and him.

BIOMEDCAN is available to purchase online at, and at Faithful to Nature, selected Wellness Warehouse stores and pharmacies and other retailers.

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