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Boozy Brunch at Calexico this Sunday.

The first Calexico Boozy Brunch is this Sunday.

Calexico is known for its tasty nachos, sticky ribs and double double burgers, not to mention signature cocktails and craft beers. Now, they’re teaming up with foodie platform MANGERmanje to launch an all new series of seriously tasty events.

Whether you’re recovering from a big night or looking for something different to do with friends, Boozy Brunches at Calexico will definitely do it for you.

There are two seating times, starting at 10am onwards and guests will be treated to a special menu complete with traditional huevos rancheros deluxe and bottomless cocktail jugs.

Sundays mornings have never looked so inviting.


Sunday 14 October

Sunday 11 November

Sunday 9 December


1st Seating 10am – 12pm

2nd Seating: 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Visit to book your spot.

Check out a sneak Peek on this week's menu

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