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BOS Brands launches Fruit Icys to add fun to summer.

The makers of BOS Ice Tea, celebrating their 10th birthday this month, have a fun new product for you to enjoy this summer. 

BOS Fruit Icys are a healthy freeze-at-home fruit ice confection. Made with a combination of organic rooibos and real fruit juice with no added sugar or preservatives, they are a dairy-free refreshing treat for the whole family. Available in 3 delicious flavours, cherry, grape and tropical.

BOS Brands Chief Operating Officer Will Battersby, said: “We look forward to introducing our latest innovation to our BOS fans. We continue to find new ways of sharing the quirky fun that characterises our brand, while delivering a premium range of products all linked to rooibos.”

Earlier this year BOS Brands launched their hugely popular functional rooibos shots as well as the BOS Sport Pro recovery drink for athletes. 

RSP is R69,99 per 6 pack and they can be found on store shelves with the ice teas, or via the BOS online store:


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