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BOSS BABES OF SOUTH AFRICA - Breaking Barriers, being Trail blazers and change makers.

A call for authentic, multifaceted women to become BBSA Ambassadors.

We are often called upon to impact the world in a greater, more purposeful manner than we could have ever imagined, especially during extraordinary life-changing times.

Early in 2020, Kovini Moodley; feminist, philanthropist, Chartered Accountant and Diversity Advocate, experienced the direct and unfortunate impact that occurs when women tear each other down in the name of jealousy, insecurity and unnecessary competition.

After reflection and a need to effect change in a positive, candid manner, Boss Babes of South Africa was born. BBSA is the perfect story of turning pain into power and power into inspiration from their already more than 20 000 strong sisterhood, a support base that is growing daily.

Kovini grew up in a little town south of Durban in KZN and  as a young changemaker had always felt a deep desire to impact and contribute to causes larger than herself.

Her career trajectory spans across working for many large listed corporate organisations and driving change across industries by utilising her vast global skillsets for organisational optimisation. As a truth seeker by nature, integrity and moral fibre have been non-negotiable elements in life and the very core of her soul. The establishment of Boss Babes of South Africa was a natural progression for her.

BBSA is a Sandton based, all female run digital empowerment platform, passionate about uplifting and empowering South African women through powerful content across their various digital platforms.

They celebrate powerful, authentic and multifaceted women and embrace diversity, inclusion and the notion that women can excel at anything that they choose to put their minds to.

Their community is filled with brilliant minds (doctors, lawyers,  pilots, entrepreneurs,

philanthropists and a host of specialists across a host of diverse industries) who are committed and obsessed with empowering and inspiring other women.

They do this through:

 Inspirational, relatable and candid content.

 Marketing of new qualified graduates in the media space

 Skill sharing initiatives

 Why was Boss Babes founded ?

Moodley explains; “I have survived numerous, toxic, disempowering episodes of discrimination, bullying and misogynoir which lead me to reflect and create this platform, a platform where all voices can be heard and where personal pain and stories of resilience, can be leveraged to inspire

other women.”

She continues; “There is immense bravery  in speaking out and speaking your truth in a way that creates awareness and power. Women, especially women of colour, need to be reminded of their self-worth and not be diminished by the worthless opinions of others. Women of colour face numerous challenges and barriers such as micro-agressions and tone policing on a daily basis and the time has come to break the stereotypes and dismantle the preconceived notions that support these systems.”


In a world that needs inspiration, Boss Babes of South Africa is the lighthouse that never dims. Their relatable, candid and motivational content stems from life experience of their founder as well as brave stories from their amazing supporter base. Breaking Barriers, dispelling societal norms and stereotypes  are key to the brands, uniquely relatable content`, positioning it in a fresh and creative way.

For Boss Babes the motto is simply - Be Authentic, always.

At Boss Babes everyone has a seat at the table, they focus on creating a longer table!


 Kovini concludes; “We need to be encouraged to take back our power, voices and minds and ensure that the environments that we form part of support our value, uniqueness and diversity. Speaking up empowers others to also live from a place that supports their authentic true selves.”


BBSA Ambassador search:

BBSA are on the constant lookout for trailblazers, world-changers and changemakers who align with their vision and mission. The term “influence” is measured by the impact that a person is capable of making, not the number of followers that one possesses.


They are looking for genuinely, innately inspirational women to contribute to their positively powerful movement by skill sharing and collaboration initiatives.


If you’re passionate about women upliftment and empowerment, be sure to apply by sending them a motivation via Boss Babes of SA’s Instagram account (@bossbabesofsouthafrica) via DM or send an email to with a profile picture and your contact details to the PR and social media teams.


Be part of the powerfully authentic sisterhood for multifaceted women by registering on , Your voice matters, you are valued!

“I think women are very powerful, and I think we’re more powerful together than separated” - Zendaya –

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to one another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on” – Serena Williams

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey

Follow Boss Babes of South Africa on social media:

Instagram: @bossbabesofsouthafrica

Facebook: @bossbabesofza

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