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5 Reasons Why Oils is a Winter Must-Have with Bramley Cosmetics.

Oils are a very important part of taking care of our skin.

1. Hydrates & Freshens

Oils seals in the moisture and prevents water loss, leaving skin healthy and refreshed.

2. Rejuvenates & Plumps

For dull skin, face oil absorbs instantly, adding a boost of hydration without the greasy residue.

3. Brightens & Smooths

Rich in antioxidants, some oil helps to minimizes pore size.

4. Treats & Clears

Most skin treatments contain harsh chemicals which deplete the skin's natural oils. Some face oil nourishes the skin, clears breakouts, and tames inflammation.

5. Repairs & Protects

Oils provide skin hydration that renews skin cells and improves skin elasticity, smoothing the look of fine lines and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

We decided to have a look at which is the commonly used oils & ingredients in skincare products, especially to nourish the winter skin?

These oils & ingredients contains high levels of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and ntioxidants.

Which all has intense hydrating effects for dry skin.

Most of these oils has healing benefits and can reduce redness, irritation, inflammation and even eczema etc. Some can assist for anti-ageing effects, as well as hyperpigmentation and in some cases acne. All of them helps to combat dry skin and locks in moisture to create a protective barrier on our skin.

Some can assist in the lightening process of stretch marks and scars as well.

We believe that all our Bramley products truly cares for you and this is why we have incorporated these oils and ingredients in our products.

Bramley Tissue Oil Tips

Use a coffee scrub - (Brown sugar + Tissue oil)

For your face you can use the Tissue Oil/Sensitive Skin serum and brown sugar/ castor sugar (finer)

Use a Lip sugar scrub. Use a Hand sugar scrub

Tissue oil is amazing for your hair as well, lightly massage into your dry scalp for a deep hair treatment, also used as a hair silicone for split ends.

Massage Tissue oil into your cuticles to keep them nourished. Use a sugar + tissue oil hand scrub.

Apply some Tissue oil to a cotton pad and use it as a make-up remover Apply some Tissue oil to the Cleansing wipes Make a Face-sheet mask with Cleansing wipes

and Tissue oil.

Add a few drops of Tissue oil to your warm, not hot, bath for a deep moisturising soak.

• Herbal Tissue oil in a plastic bowl in the shower

Apply Tissue Oil or Sensitive Skin Gel on eyelashes or eyebrows before bed for growth and nourishment.

For silky smooth legs, apply Tissue Oil before and after shaving legs.

Try the Lavender Tissue Oil as a massage oil, for complete relaxation.

To intensify your body hydration add Tissue Oil to body butter or body lotion.

Best time to apply Tissue Oil is directly after a warm shower, because this way it absorbs deep into your skin after all your pores have been opened.

To lighten scars, stretch marks and pigmentation, massage any of the Sensitive Skin product into the affected area in circular motion until completely absorbed.

Use twice a day for best results, your results should be visible within 6 weeks to 3 months

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