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Bye-bye unwanted grey strands, and welcome back you dark beautiful mane.

Say goodbye to those embarrassing grey strands. An honest review of the John Frieda's Defy Grey Range - Brunette Blending products.

Picture this…..Dark hair, pulled back, glistening in the sun with a rich dark chestnut hue, everyone admiring the thick gorgeous mane as you pass them…. The dream "Good Hair" day, right? Brunettes, we know you will agree with us, there is nothing more frustrating that that solemn one grey strand sticking out from the beautiful shiny dark head of hair. But you no longer need to fret.

We have found the solution, say hello to John Frieda’s Defy Grey range.

You don’t have to worry about the constant aging reminders that, let’s be honest, everyone could quite easily do without!

Having been given the opportunity to put the John Frieda product range to the test, which might I add, we eagerly accepted and reviewed over a period of 2 weeks (and will continue to do so until it’s finished – so stay posted for an update on the post!) we can simply say – We are IN LOVE!

Firstly , the smell of all 3 products, The Defy Grey Shampoo, the Defy Grey Conditioner and the Defy Grey Blow Dry Foam is incredible! Totally transports you to an island in the summer with scents of coconut and pretty much you could assimilate it to a lux fragrance. Totally Devine. The appearance, a silky deep chestnut coloured liquid. It lathers and foams with ease. And best of all, yes it’s a coloured shampoo, but there’s definitely no tell tale signs for example tint stains or coloured hands.

The Blow Dry foam, is a light and foamy mouse that you would use last to lock in the chestnut glow. Same incredible scent, The pump gives you the desired amount which by using your fingers you simply run them through your towel dried hair.

I could state, on day’s where you running late, you can skip the last step, and still have a gorgeous dark mane. From our second wash, we already saw incredible results. The odd grey strand starting to turn a gentle caramel colour and blending in.

It’s a win in our books for sure.

Brunette Blending Shampoo

Gradually infuses brunette tones to blend away first greys.

Formulated with coffee extract and GreyBlend ™ technology, Defy Grey Brunette Blending Shampoo gradually blends away first greys by infusing warm brunette tones into grey strands for a naturally blended brunette look.


Brunette Blending Conditioner

Color depositing conditioner specially designed to blend away greys and reveal brilliant brunette hair.

Formulated with coffee extract and GreyBlend™ technology, Defy grey Brunette Blending Conditioner tames and blends away greys with smoothing moisture and rich brunette tone

Brunette Blending Blow Dry Foam

Colour depositing foam helps blend away grey hairs to reveal beautiful brunette colour.

Formulated with Coffee Extract and GreyBlend™ technology, Defy Grey Brunette Blending Blow Dry Foam is a heat-activated foam that works to transform greys to multi-dimentional brunette.

The John Frieda Defy Grey Brunette Blending range: - Gradually infuses brunette tones to blend away first greys - With Coffee Extract and GreyBlend™ technology

The John Frieda brand is only retailed exclusively at Clicks.


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Instagram: @johnfriedasouthafrica

Facebook: @JohnFriedaSouthAfrica


We are completely OBSESSED with this product. Ladies, this is a MUST have product for anyone who has brunette hair. Go grab the range for your mums, your sisters, your girlfriends. They will put you on their WILL!!! It's incredible!

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