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Cape Town Runner Wayne Le Roux on Running: A Personal Journey of Insights and Performance.

Being a runner and being passionate about the art of running is simply not for everyone…

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It’s no secret that running requires dedication, perseverance, and a passion for the sport. It is an activity that demands physical and mental strength, as well as a strong sense of discipline – of which many people find extremely difficult.

To be a runner means embracing the daily grind of training, pushing through pain and fatigue, and continually striving for improvement. It involves setting goals and working tirelessly to achieve them, whether it's completing a specific distance, beating a personal record, or participating in demanding races. Runners must develop endurance, speed and agility through regular workouts and a balanced training regimen. They must also cultivate mental fortitude, as running can often be a solitary pursuit that tests one's mindset.

Beyond the physical and mental aspects, being a runner involves adopting a lifestyle that supports and compliments the demands of the sport. This includes maintaining a nutritious diet, getting sufficient rest and recovery, and managing one’s own stress levels. Ultimately, being a runner is not just about the act of running itself, but about embracing the transformative power of the sport and the unwavering commitment it requires.

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Being a runner is not for everyone, but it sure is for Cape Town-based running enthusiast, Wayne Le Roux, who find solace and comfort in running whether it be short- or long-distance. ‘Running for me is community, is crew, is resilience!” he adds.

As the Founder of The Running Late Club, Wayne Le Roux seeks to share his passion for running with as many people as possible, whether they cross his path by intention or by serendipity.

The Running Late Club is a community where ‘everyday athletes’ can find a place to belong.

With Wayne at the helm, they cater to all paces and levels of fitness, and strive to provide the accountability and inspiration needed to reach their goals. Whether you're looking to socialise, take up running for the first time, remain consistent, push yourself to reach your PBs, or smash out some world-class records, they are your club!

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‘Rather Late Than Never, means that it's never too late to reach your goals or set new ones,” he adds. They have no desire to disrespect anyone's time, but rather encourage people to get going in all spheres of life, even if it feels too late. Their collective community is found in the heart of Cape Town, and brings together people from all walks of life who share a passion for connection and collaboration.

But that’s not where it ends… Wayne is also a passionate member of a group of individuals which make up what they call the Under Armour Run Crew’, which consists of other long distance runners, Runners World runners, Mindset Movement runners, and furthermore, Wayne believes that by working together, one can achieve more than you ever could alone.

Under Armour

As the Run Crew recently took to the streets of Cape Town, Wayne took a deeper look into his own personal world of running, sharing with us the following insights.

What is it about running that you are so passionate about?

Wayne: There’s so much to enjoy about running, once you get over the general fitness side of things. It certainly takes time to enjoy running. It’s uncomplicated and a chance to get outside and away into nature. I love being able to meet people and also push my body to its fullest potential while levelling up my fitness. It also allows me to eat what I want! Ha!

Where did you discover a love for running and how does it contribute to a better lifestyle?

Wayne: It came from a struggle I had with depression in 2018. My inability to want to do anything led to a battle of mind and movement. I started running and found it changed the way I would deal with my mentality. It was addictive and became contagious to those who I connected with.

As a part of the Run Crew what were your overall thoughts when recently testing out the Flow Velociti Elite?

Wayne: I was eager to try these out as I loved the look of them. Once on, I loved the feel too! I feel like a pro with an eagerness to push and go when wearing them. I loved putting them to the test and do feel like they are secret weapons.

Under Armour

What are some key insights and lessons that you have gained throughout your personal journey as a runner?

Wayne: Patience and consistency can keep you running further and faster. Also enjoy running for the reason you started.

How does your Running Late Club cater to the needs of both experienced runners and individuals who are new to running?

Wayne: We have set aside training guides and sessions that athletes can partake in or simple just slot in to a social setting as well. We ensure there’s a variety at our runs and have echoes the statement of it’s never too late to start, or rather late than never. We are here for the everyday athlete.

In what ways do you believe that running can foster resilience and a sense of belonging within a community?

Wayne: People setting out goals and sharing them with their peers, allows for community support and success. We have seen people go from never running before to racing in half and full marathons. We have seen how the community have nurtured the environment for this growth.

As a runner who values accountability and inspiration, how do you encourage and motivate others to achieve their running goals through the Running Late Club and the Under Armour Run Crew?

Wayne: I believe it’s loving what you preach. Being in and with those who are going to battle, and carrying the encouragement or even disappointment with them. It’s a beautiful thing that happens when you set goals and help other achieve them.

Under Armour

Could you describe your experience as part of the Run Crew during the recent testing of the Flow Velociti Elite?

Wayne: It was great meeting more elites that love running for other reasons, and also encouraging to know that I am not a high performance athlete but that my love for running and community can bring strength. Everyone’s got something to bring to the table. Also, it’s been nearly 5 years of waiting to be in a position like this.

What are your thoughts on the performance and capabilities of the Flow Velociti Elite running shoes?

Wayne: It’s technology is incredible and puts athletes in a great position of competition. I’m eager to see high profile athletes take on these shoes and push the limits in them. It agility and speed are without a doubt, going to shave off time on an eager runners time. From foot space to comfort, I can’t wait to see what they can accomplish in my next marathon.

It's evident that Wayne's passions and purpose run deep, as he is driven by his inner fire for running. In addition to his dedication to the sport, Wayne also serves as the Location Leader for Hillsong Church in Cape Town, further exemplifying his commitment to positively impacting the lives of others.

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