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Cassia - Nitida's acclaimed restaurant first in SA to serve Hard Seltzers.

Cassia – the highly praised restaurant located at Nitida Wine Estate in Cape Town's Durbanville Wine Valley – has recently added Hard Seltzer cocktails to their drinks menu, becoming the first restaurant in South Africa to do so. Hard Seltzer, a low-carb, low-cal alcoholic beverage has become big business in the US and UK as more and more consumers are turning to health-conscious alcoholic drinks to suit their lifestyle. Also sometimes referred to as hard water, Hard Seltzer is an alcoholic beverage containing carbonated water, alcohol, and often fruit flavouring. The alcohol is usually made by using either a malt, wine or spirit of fermented cane sugar base alcohol. Says Cassia owner Warren Swaffield: “We believe we are currently the only restaurant in the country that serves Hard Seltzer. We are using flavoured vodkas and Fitch and Leedes soda water to make our version of the drink. There is no added sugar, bar the fruit we use for garnish.” Hard Seltzer has already proven its credentials as a lucrative drinks category in the US, where it has swept across the nation, with bestselling brand White Claw hitting sales of R22 billion in 2019. The big draw is that most brands of the drink contain only 100 calories and around a 5% alcohol level, so they fit that space for those looking for a buzz but still trying to be conscious of what they’re putting into their bodies. Says Swaffield: "Pretty much all of the Hard Seltzers available in the US and UK are served in a can with the alcohol coming from either a flavourless malt or cane base. We are trying to replicate this without the flavour concentrates in the seltzer, instead using natural fruits and the infused vodkas." Hard Seltzers are now available at Cassia restaurant at Nitida wine estate and currently come in two flavours - Citrus and Berry.

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