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Celebrating 60 years of South Africa’s best loved skin care brand.

This year marks heritage skin care brand Clere’s 60th anniversary. “The name Clere has been synonymous with soft, smooth, beautiful looking skin for six decades now. It’s a favourite in both South African homes and those abroad. Over the years Clere has managed to remain relevant, and up to date with beauty trends, while still reflecting the brand’s heritage throughout,” explains Clere brand manager Su-Marie Annandale.

Clere has always been a brand that cares. From their annual life-changing cash prizes through their national promotions, and their celebration of body positivity, their #SpreadTheLove motto encourages us to pay it forward and show kindness in all aspects of our lives, especially now in these uncertain times. In fact, it was with this sentiment in mind, that the brand felt it a natural progression to step up during the early days of South Africa’s COVID-19 crisis last year and create Clere Pure & Protect, an alcohol-based instant hand sanitiser to cleanse and protect all skin types offering 99.99% germ protection.

“With 2021 not starting off the way all of us hoped; if ever there was a time for spreading a little love and kindness, it is now,” says Annandale. Science from a recent study done at the University of Sussex has shown that when we do something good for others, it not only benefits them, it also boosts our own health and wellbeing. By examining brain scans of 1000 participants, it was revealed that acts of kindness activated the reward centres of the brain. They also discovered that the more selfless the gesture the more the brain’s reward areas glowed.

The good news is that being kind doesn’t require grand, expensive gestures. It doesn’t even need to take up much time. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word or a heartfelt thank you to make someone’s day.

Annandale shares ways we can all spread some love and kindness during these trying times:

Reach out to family and friends - We are so lucky to have technology, so be sure to use it. Checking in with your inner circle during your extra time at home is a great way to make sure everyone is doing okay. Host a virtual birthday party for a friend or call an elderly family member who lives alone. Whatever you decide to do, find ways to stay connected with your loved ones. These moments will help strengthen our bonds and spread love during this crazy time.

Love your neighbours - A small job for many of us can be a difficult chore for older neighbours or those living with illness or disability. So, when you bring in your rubbish bins, offer to take in a neighbour’s too. Be sure to wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after.

Make a mask - If you’re feeling a bit crafty and have some time on your hands, you could spend an afternoon sorting through your unwanted clothes and upcycling the fabric into reusable face masks for friends and family.

Get the kids involved - If you and your family are spending the weekend indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids to sort through their toys and set aside the ones they no longer use to donate to a local charity.

Gift a meal - Give someone the gift of a night off from cooking. Whether it’s through a food delivery service, or one of the local restaurants offering takeaways, there’s nothing like relaxing and enjoying a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself.

Pick up supplies for people - There are many individuals in our community who are nervous about venturing out of their homes during this time. Maybe they are elderly, or they might live with someone who has a medical condition. Consider offering to pick up groceries or medicine for a neighbour, family member or friend while out running your own essential errands. Phone them when you get to their gate and leave their items there, so you don’t interact directly with them. Be safe in public by practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, and sanitising.

Choose to smile more - The human brain is hardwired to smile during happy times. Smiling even when something small happens in your day can send endorphins throughout your body, reducing stress. Put a sticky note with a positive affirmation on your computer monitor or door frame to remind you to smile every time you see it.

Write a gratitude list – When you wake up or right after breakfast, write out five things you’re thankful for. It could be your morning coffee, your car that gets you from point A to point B, or your favourite meal. Putting pen to paper and recognising what you’re thankful for can benefit those around you, increase your productivity, and lower your stress.

Turn off your phone for a morning - Increased cell phone use has shown an increase in cortisol levels. If you’re someone that instantly looks at your phone the moment you wake up, turn it off before you go to bed the night before. Spend the first part of your morning getting ready for the day, reading a book, or making your breakfast as calm as can be.

Spread good news - Put your time and energy towards topics that uplift you, your family and friends. Consider reposting podcasts, articles, and even comments that shed light on the good things happening in the world, or for a simple motivational boost.

Nourish your body - Eat healthy and clean food groups to help boost your mood. Find a couple of healthy and simple meals that don’t require many ingredients to prep throughout the week. You could even consider trying out food subscription boxes to have delivered right to your door.

Donate blood - Hospitals are always in need of blood; especially now during the country’s second wave of COVID-19 infections. Visit the South Africa National Blood Services website to find out where and how you can donate blood during social distancing.

Love yourself - After you’ve done good for others, be kind to yourself. That long-overdue soak in a bath scented with essential oils is a great start. Afterwards lather your body with an enriching moisturiser. A moisturiser will help keep the skin’s protective barrier functioning properly and your skin feeling smooth and soft. Clere’s range of lotions and crèmes offer four unique formulations (Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine, Triple Glycerine, Pure Glycerine Crème and Glycerine Gel), all available in different fragrances and catering to the different skin needs of each consumer. These are Cocoa Butter, Tropical Coconut, Lanolin & Glycerine, Avocado Milk, Powder Fresh, Rich Musk, Vanilla Honey Cream and Berries & Cream.

All four Clere skincare formulations provide 48-hour moisturisation and contain Vitamins E & A. The Clere range of crèmes and lotions are available at all leading retailers at a cost of R34.99 and R21.99, respectively.

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