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Chasing Sunshine Splendor with the Spring ‘23 GUESS Ladies and Men’s Apparel Collection.

Take home a little bit of sunshine, wanderlust and daydreams with the GUESS Spring ’23 collection, it’s your cue to bloom.

Filled with evocative charm and sunlit minded signatures, our collection is budding with a capsule of ladies’ lightweight garments, contemporary details and flattering fits. As well as relaxed-laden tropical prints and desert-inspired colorways for the GUESS man. This season embraces comfort and style for every sun-kissed dreamscape filled with faraway reverie.

GUESS Women: Dreamscape Sunrises and Sunsets.

Spring inherently signals the precipice of change, flowers begin to blossom, escapism colours the air, and the prospect of renewal and rejuvenation lingers. The GUESS Spring 23’ collection captures the ephemeral essence of the fleeting experiences that are welcomed with the season, underscoring the spirit of GUESS Women writing their own adventure. Spending time seaside, being outdoors, savouring the sunlight or embracing the city lights, the assortment is irresistibly magnetic in its graceful versatility and collectable appeal.

Our collection treasures feminine and ethereal styles while also capturing the enchanting haze of a dreamy island retreat. New silhouettes unite with elevated basics, manifesting a symphony of style options. The myriad of tropical nuances, nouveau graphic details, heirloom hibiscus pink prints, playful fringe detailing and cinched waists remain attuned to our iconic patterns and upscaled designs.

Nurtured by the palette of optic whites, slate blues, and peach crèmes, the collection’s cut-out long idyllic dresses with tie-detailing, cropped shorts and fitted waist jumpsuits are enhanced by their materials of lightweight cotton, recycled cotton and lyocell fabrics.

As the season unfolds, the collection remains steadfast in evoking tranquility with the enchanting Lace Maxi Dress. The Vivienne Chiffon Shirt and ECO Gilda Sheer Long-Sleeve Blouse hold free-spirited embraces with sheer details, flowy cover ups and breathable, care-free organic colour blocking. The pieces in the collection also reimagine the azure depths of clear blue waters, cliffside cocktails, and the sunlit charm of Mediterranean havens with aquatic blue hues. Island influences open your styling options with the allover Classic Western Lyocell shirt and Printed Claudia Shorts, a set that looks as good as separates as it does as a two piece.

The collection straddles the line between fashion and utility. With conviction that spring doesn’t mean that you need to pack your jeans away, as the collection is stamped with ultra-wearable denims that swing across varied styles, cuts and colours. Adjacent to relaxed looks are our loose cut t-shirts and blouses that add a finite touch for a drifting high spirit spring sophisticated combination.

GUESS Men's: Wearing Earth’s marvels.

Embrace the wonders of nature with GUESS Men’s Spring ’23 collection. The collection is vast in capturing ode-to-nature prints and designs, stretching from desert charm, saffron peach tones, jungle shades, watercolour coastlines and Lagoona palm tree motifs. The raw splendour of our collection lies in its ability to capture your innate sense of wonder and the expanses of landscapes that exist under a boundless sky. From sea, to sand, to land: step into the multifaceted collection that exudes comfort and adaptability, emanating a fusion of exotic influences.

The slate of head-turning short-sleeved shirts, denim essentials and clean, crisp silhouettes in the collection are crafted from cotton poplin, breathable linen and refined rayon. Enriched by modern ethnic designs and dreamy rodeo tans, the assortment comes alive in hues of rust red, glistening gold, yellow sangria, cloudy blue and walnut shell with the ECO Rayon Desert Poppy Shirt, ECO Tie-Dye Logo Tee and Desert Photo Tee. Conjuring a sublime, earthy tonal ambiance within a desert oasis theme.

The garments’ watercolour stroked fabrics, lush foliage prints, enchanting island designs, add to the charisma of this array. Bask in the effortlessness of fresh ocean breezes, sandy shores and coastal island paradise with the tropical pieces in the Lagoona Beach theme of the collection that transcends with ease from beachside to beyond with laidback and holiday getaway wear. This selection of transitional pieces with the Front Logo Tee and ECO Rayon Tropical Print Shirt boasts a verdant palette of cooler colours, from sage green, pallid lilac, grey pearl, polar blue and lagoon fog.

The intersection of urban jungle enchantment and versatile navy vapor wave shirts, weave rich jewel tones into the assortment, with deep rusts, resplendent reds and weathered fatigue. The core of the collection harvests the warm slate of spring with its fun tropical florals, fruity infusions, tiger and citrus prints which bestow a contemporary flair into this masterful collection. Our assortment pieces remain anchored in our timeless denim pieces, underpinning a one stop shop for a full top-to-toe wardrobe classic for any sun-soaked escapade.

Discover the new spring collection:


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