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Cheers to being great in your 30’s - according to Michelle D.

You may recognise her from the first-ever South African season of The Bachelor, but there is more to Michelle D that not many may know. The brunette beauty, who was not afraid to be one of the oldest ladies in the house, is first and foremost a businesswoman, who boasts a passion for fitness, woman empowerment, and animals. In addition to that, the talented entrepreneur is also a former model and TV Presenter.

Do you feel pressure after The Bachelor to get into a relationship?

Actually quite the opposite – I am in a space now after The Bachelor that I really am happy doing my single life. If, and when, a nice guy comes along, I will consider the dating thing again, but I am so far away from feeling “pressured” that when someone says to me “I want to set you up” or “we need to get you out there”, I just roll my eyes and laugh.

Why do you feel “being single” is somewhat frowned upon in society?

Society likes what they can define or understand. So anything or anyone who breaks that mould scares them. And they feel they need to “fix” the situation. Take for example someone who decides they do not want to go to university. That too in some societies would be considered “abnormal”.

The whole “being single thing” dates back to an age where if you were not married by a certain age you were considered “your parents burden”. Somehow – despite all the advances we have made in so many areas of technology, medicine, space travel, etc. – we have not lost the archaic notation that if a women is not married by a certain age “there must be something wrong with her”.

How did your perception of yourself change after leaving the show?

My perception of myself didn’t change – but my perception of love did. I learnt that you do not always fall in love the way you expect to, or with whom you expect to and sometimes (tragically) you are not loved back. But, despite it all – you should never fear. If you are lucky to find that with someone who loves you back, run toward it with open arms and never let it get away from you. And if you are the misfortunately one who is not loved in return, appreciate the fact that you are capable of feeling such a wonderful thing and then accept the pain and let it go. You will love again ….

How would someone get your special attention now?

I am not impressed by grandeur … so you need not write love letters in the sky for me. I like the small things. The attention to detail. Little things that show you listen, you notice, you appreciate. And as bazaar as it may sound – all it takes is to “man up” and ask me out…..

Why is love important to you?

It is not that love is Important to me. It is that we were created and designed to operate in pairs. I think it is a natural thing to want to have that partner to share life with. What’s that saying ….“sharing is caring”

How does love affect your life?

Right now it doesn’t, I’ll let you know when I find love and how it if at all, affects my life.

Do you fear getting older?

Not at all. I am loving it. I loved turning 30 – I was like “now I am without a doubt an adult”. There was a level of freedom that came from turning 30. Now I am almost 35 …. And there is another level I am loving – the “I really REALLY do not care” level. I am who I am – and I am not going to apologise for it. I need less, tolerate less and apologise for less. And it really is fantastic!

Looking back at your 20's, would you have changed career paths if you could?

Nope – everything I did in my 20s equipped me to do what I am doing today. And what I am doing today will equip me for whatever comes next.

How has your dress sense/style changed from your 20’s to your 30’s?

In your 20’s you try to figure out what your dress sense is. I also worked a lot more corporate in my 20s so that contributed to my style too. Now in my 30s not only do I know what I like but I also am more comfortable and suits my body and dress for that, and my style has become more casual-chic since I work for myself and my boutique is more in line with that style as well.

You get “wiser with age” – do you agree or disagree?

Yes – definitely… Bring on getting older haha.

Have you stayed friends with the same people over the years?

Yes – I have a few friends who I have known since I was 16/18/20 … so those are more like family than friends.

Looking back at your 20’s – is there anything you would change, and why?

I do regret not going overseas to study. But then again that would have taken my life into a whole other direction (do not ask me where to). But in terms of career, travel and all the other crazy things I did in my 20’s, I do not regret any of it.

How do you manage to stay up to date with trends and technological advances?

I read the news a lot – a bit of a News24 junky …. So that gives me quite a good overview of major things happening. In terms of my industry (online shopping) – I have a look at what market leaders are doing and I read a lot of blogs about developments that affect my business. But I have to be honest – when it comes to technology, like the latest smartphone or techno gimmick – I am kind of last to know.

As you get older, what is the most valuable life lesson you have learned?

Not everyone will like you and that’s ok – you don’t like everyone you meet either.

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