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Traveling has become part of our modern life, be it for leisure or business. And if you are a

frequent traveller you know the hassles of having to check-in luggage and then having to lug

it around on your trip. There is now an easy solution to traveling light, and it comes from

nature’s technical material, Merino Wool. Merino Wool is the perfect option for traveling.

Its lightweight, heat and odour resistant and also has less tendency to wrinkle.

Investing in Merino Wool clothing is a great way to make your travels a breeze. Its versatility

and great look, means it can be worn at the office or while visiting the sites on your holiday.

“The high quality thread count with the natural elasticity of Merino Wool makes the fit feel

soft, comfortable and keeps its shape beautifully,” says Monica Ebert from Core Merino, a

line of wool athleisure wear.

Another inconvenience when away from home is washing your dirty clothes. Merino Wool

is naturally odour resistant. Garments made from this water–wicking natural fibre can be

worn up to three times before needing a wash. Can’t get to a laundry or no time to wash in

a sink, just fresh air is enough to get another wear out of this nifty fibre.

The weather is also an unpredictable element to consider when packing your suitcase. With

temperature changes, having clothes that can keep you warm when needed, and cool when

hot, is important. Merino Wool does just that. “It’s a great insulator to keep your body

warm and can be worn as a bottom layer to give you extra balminess,” explains Ebert.

Thanks to Merino Wool’s wicking properties, it also pulls moisture from the body to the

surface, where it can evaporate more easily, creating a cooling effect.

Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination, only to open your suitcase to wrinkled

clothing. Each fibre of Merino Wool is like a coiled spring, and all you need to do is give the

garment a quick shake to let the fibres shoot back into place.

Merino Wool is used to make anything from socks to waterproof jackets, so putting

together a wardrobe for your next trip is a cinch.

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Instagram: @core_merino


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