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Must-have Winter fashion and merch has s cool new name, Under Armour’s cold weather range, pushed boundaries this winter with its advanced technology tailored specifically for the chilly climate. From high-quality fabrics to workout gear that prioritises functionality without compromising on style, you can rock the brand while you're getting a sweat on or hitting the streets.

Under Armour

Leading the lineup is the groundbreaking Baselayer Train component, alongside the HOVR Mega Warm, Under Armour’s flagship technical running shoe. 

Under Armour

 Baselayer; Elevate your performance, defy the cold


Under Armour has released its cold weather range meticulously crafted to keep you warm, dry and stylish during the coldest winter workouts.  "In the heart of winter, champions don't hibernate, they dominate!  I have to remember when training, and it's cold and dark outside that my mental toughness has to shine through. Under Armour's Cold Weather Run Gear fuels my fire to conquer the elements and keep pushing forward on the pitch.”, says SuperSport United defender and Under Armour athlete Keagan Johannes.

Under Armour’s Baselayer is more than just a layer, it’s a secret weapon against the cold. Crafted with advanced COLDGEAR® technology, this base layer acts as a second skin, regulating body temperature and trapping heat to keep athletes warm and focused on their goals. Its snug fit and moisture-wicking properties ensure maximum comfort and performance, while the sleek design adds a touch of style winter wardrobes. Whether athletes hit the trails or dominate in the gym, the Baselayer is THE go-to for conquering the cold with confidence.

Product DNA

  1. Keeps you warm - a protective mock neck and strategic ventilation keep you warm without feeling hot on or off the field.

  2. Supercharges recovery - UA Rush Technology, the mineralised infrared fabric, is designed to help your body fight fatigue for as long as you have it on.

  3. Fits like a second skin - body-mapped construction plus 4-way stretch allows for full range of movement, so your game never has to slow down.

Under Armour

HOVR Mega Warm - reaching potential in any conditions


The HOVR Mega Warm isn't just another running shoe; it's a ticket to elevating peak performance this winter. With a plush midsole providing exceptional cushioning and energy return, courtesy of its advanced carbon rubber outsole, it propels athletes forward with every stride. Inside, a luxurious heat-retaining lining and thermal shaft ensure feet stay warm, no matter the temperature.


Under Armour

Product DNA

1.        Insulated upper with a thermal lining for breathable warmth during extreme cold conditions

2.      Thermal collar for added comfort and warmth

3.      Moulded sock liner uses material that helps retain heat given off by the feet

4.      Responsive UA HOVR™ cushioning reduces impact, returns energy and helps propel you forward

5.      Combination of carbon rubber & blown rubber in the outsole for strategic durability & lightweight rebound


Under Armour

HOVR Mega Warm


Winter training presents both physical and mental challenges. However, with the right gear, athletes can overcome them all. The Cold Weather Run and Train collection, is meticulously crafted to tackle the challenges of cold-weather workouts, ensuring they’re fully equipped for every session.


Explore the Cold Weather Run and Train gear selection at Under Armour Brand House stores nationwide and online at


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