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Cook Morning, Noon & Night! Dr Beckmann Oven Cleaner has the cleaning covered.

Dr. Beckmann’s powerful, fast-acting and odourless Oven Cleaner Active Gel removes even the most stubborn burnt-on food and grease. Its gel formula uniquely clings to vertical surfaces and penetrates the lowest layers of thick crust. The odourless formula makes it safe to use in food and kitchen areas and has no irritant vapours. Oven Cleaner Active Gel is also the quick, convenient and perfect solution for braais, cooker tops, pots, grills, baking trays and fireplace panels too.

Available at selected Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stores nationwide

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Directions for Use

1. Shake well before use. Turn nozzle to on position.

Spray the Active Oven Cleaner Gel evenly onto the surfaces of oven and close the door.

(Do not spray into fan openings and ducts)

2. Leave to work for 30-60 mins dependent upon degree of soiling. For heavily soiled ovens,

leave to work overnight or up to 24 hours.

3. Wash out with hot soapy water and wipe down with a clean cloth.

4. Always clean nozzle after use and turn to the off position. If the nozzle becomes blocked, simply place upside down and soak in hot water Do not use on lacquered or damaged surfaces, aluminium surfaces or galvanised plate.

Always follow manufacturer’s manual.

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