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Cosmetiq e has a full range of daily skincare products, rich in vitamins & all the good stuff.

Aging skin is accelerated by solar ultraviolet radiation. This causes a series of chemical processes called photoaging that changes the skins. It damages the skins connective tissue and alters the skins normal metabolism.

Increased sun exposure also causes the skin to produce enzymes that destroy the skins own collagen. This is a major contributor to the loss of skin suppleness and structure. The only way to prevent or to slow this process is with the use of natural bioactive antioxidants.

The two most powerful antioxidants found in nature are Vitamin E and Vitamin C. These are the chief active ingredients found in Cosmetiq e Skincare products.

Nature’s own beauty vitamins, pure vitamin E and C, penetrates the skin surface to revitalise cells, improving skin texture and elasticity.

In addition to the powerful antioxidant and anti-aging power of Cosmetiq e products, they also contain Herbal allantoin to soothe and soften skin, especially after sun exposure. Azulen, extracted from the Chamomile plant to soothe sensitive skin. Mucopolysaccharides and Propylenglycol to retain moisture and keep the skin resilient.

All of the ingredients are enriched with life giving oxygen to promote immediate improvement in skin texture and looks.

All of their products work together and complement one another to boost the anti-aging effects of the entire set of products and help reverse the clock.

Cosmetiq e has been able to provide salon quality products at an affordable price.

Request one month’s free trial supply, for a small postage fee and see for yourself just how well these products work at a fraction of the price of salon products. Cosmetiq e can give you so much more than you would expect from a skincare product.

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