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D’Oré Re-Opens Flagship Store in prestigious Sandton City.

Established in 1973, D’Oré meaning “gold” in French, had humble beginnings as a specialist bridal store and over the years has become home to some of the most luxurious high fashion brands in South Africa.

Today this iconic store with a fashion heritage spanning over 45 years, has re-opened its flagship store in a new location in Sandton City.  D’Oré has also unveiled a wide range of both international and local luxury brands which are sold exclusively in store.

“As the oldest boutique store in Sandton City, D’Oré has prided itself on its exemplary level of personal service. With D’Oré you are not simply picking something to drape over your body. You are selecting from the best global brands something that inherently makes a statement about you and heralds your presence even before you say anything. Our consultants and dedicated team of seamstresses on site mean D’Oré offers you a unique overall shopping experience in one store,” says Vanessa Gounden, owner and CEO of the HolGoun Group.

Adding to a long list of international chic brands, D’Oré will now also be offering Karl Lagerfeld and Sheri Hill. Gounden says she was impressed by the two designers’ passion and the strides they had made in the fashion industry.

True to its golden name, the new D’Oré store has touches of Rose Gold throughout the shop. D’Oré employed one of South Africa’s leading architects, Christos Pattichides from Pattichides & Partners, to add glitz to the Sandton boutique giant. Pattichides’ designs ooze with resplendency, reflecting the flourishing contemporary world in which its clients live.  

Patrons of D’Oré who have come to know it for its vast range of prêt-à-porter clothing including ball gowns, evening wear, day-wear, cocktail dresses and corporate wear, need not worry about losing household brands such as Escada, Vanessa Gounden, Marina Rinaldi and Bally as they will continue to be offered by the ritzy boutique.

“In addition to growing our initial fashion catalogue, D’Oré has an accessories range to suit all outfits for any occasion for all women who appreciate timeless elegance and style. Our clothes exude confidence and drip ambition. We wanted our offerings to reflect and appreciate the sophistication of our patrons - powerhouse women no matter which field of business they are in. We also understand how busy these women can be, so we offer through an appointment a two-hour private shopping experience."

“Everything has to evolve to remain relevant. Our persistence in providing our patrons with quality luxurious brands is what has allowed us to be the leader we are today. Today D’Oré is a boutique experience unlike any other,” concludes Gounden.

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