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Delicious new Aperitif's for that perfect Golden Hour!

Allow yourself to be transported to your perfect golden hour moment this summer with the Mediterranean Collection

An early evening drink is an essential part of any epicurean moment. It sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Whether you are following the summer sun into the late afternoon, watching golden hour from your hotel terrace, or rinsing the salt from your sun-kissed skin, a refreshing drink is always the perfect way to say “Salute!” to the day and welcome the evening.

These days, we’re looking to refresh our early evening drinks array with upmarket, flavourful beverages which make great additions to that gin & tonic moment. “The aperitif category has grown globally by almost 30%, largely due to the desire for lower alcoholic beverages,” explains Rowan Leibbrandt, founder of premium drinks company, Truman & Orange.

Supporting the trend which moves away from strong spirituous cocktails is the Mediterranean Collection curated by Truman and Orange. This collection of drinks introduces a new era of drinking – one that emphasises flavourful and intriguing drinks which can be enjoyed throughout the day. They are delicious on their own yet versatile enough to build on one another. This collection allows individuals to be transported to that perfect golden hour moment.

A wonderful way to ease into a summer afternoon would be to sip on a Pampelle spritz. Created by mixing one-part Pampelle, three-parts Mionetto Prosecco and a dash of soda water. This spritz will have you dreaming of the sun-drenched French island of Corsica, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. Ruby-red grapefruit is the star of the show and is perfectly complimented by the honey, berry, and citrus flavours of Mionetto, the world’s number one selling prosecco.

When the sun begins to set, you may be inclined to reach for a classic G&T. Only the finest tonic water blended with essential oils from herbs that have been gathered from the shores of the Mediterranean will do. Fever-Tree has created exactly that, and it pairs beautifully with Ginato Clementino gin. Ginato embodies the spirit of Italy by expertly blending the finest Italian juniper berries, botanicals, and Pinot Grigio grapes, resulting in a collection of gins which exude the true essence of Italy. Mix one-part Ginato Clementino with three-parts Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic. This simple serve will quickly become your summer drink of choice.

Or, you could toast the day with a Sbagliato. “What’s that?” you may ask. A wonderful drink invented by the Italians, “Sbagliato” directly translates to mistake. Legend has it, that an Italian bartender creating a negroni, grabbed a bottle of prosecco instead of gin which resulted in a wonderful drink with the flavour depth of a negroni and the refreshing element of a spritz. To produce one of these marvellous creations, one would need to be introduced to the Hotel Starlino range. Beautifully presented in striking apothecary-inspired bottles, this collection of drinks is made up of two elegant wine-based aperitifs and a beautifully balanced vermouth. Simply mix 1-part Starlino Rosso Vermouth, 1-part Starlino Arancione Aperitif with 1-part Mionetto Prosecco Brut. Slowly sip and watch the sun sink.

To round off the evening, the delicious taste of Italian amaro liqueur is in order. Monte Stambecco provides just that. Rich in golden hue, this Italian liqueur may be sipped neat or topped with soda water while you imagine yourself at a candle lit dinner on the cobble stone streets of Italy.

The Mediterranean Collection is refreshing, versatile and perfect for the summer months. This range can be mixed with tonic or soda water, sparkling wine or prosecco or mix ‘n matched to create more sophisticated drinks.

Curate your own Mediterranean Collection by visiting Cutler Drinks and selecting three or more participating brands and receive a complimentary Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic 4 x 200ml pack as well as a Pampelle branded gift with purchase.


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