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Eating well should start young, UCOOK adds ready-made baby range to food delivery service.

You’re never too young to experience great flavours, quality ingredients and exciting meal times, and so the team at UCOOK has announced the addition of a baby category offering food for all the stages of weaning. UCOOK Baby meals are pre-made from fresh, whole ingredients, have no added preservatives or sugars, are freezable for up to 3 months, and are delivered in recyclable tubs with a handy spoon.

“Excellent nutrition paired with healthy convenience has been at the heart of our operation since inception,” says UCOOK CEO David Torr. “It made sense to serve the needs of the whole family to make the lives of our primary consumers that much easier. We strive to deliver the freshest ingredients from a range of small-scale farmers across the country, and the ethos extends to the development of our baby range.”

UCOOK Baby meals are designed for all stages of weaning and are divided into three easily recognisable ranges based on age and weaning stage: Ready, Steady and Go. Each range offers a selection of four bundles that consists of individual tubs or meals.

The Ready bundles introduce fruit and vegetable fibres enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. The Steady bundles include more textures as well as ingredients that are rich in iron – an important mineral for this stage as your baby’s iron stores from in utero are depleted. Finally, Go bundles are full of nutrition and varied textures and flavours to cover nutritional needs and prevent picky eating. “We’re really excited to offer parents a time-saver by not only providing a wide selection of meals, but delivering them in conveniently planned bundles, designed by nutritionists, to provide everything your baby needs for weaning.”

The nutritional content of each UCOOK Baby tub has been formulated according to the ESPGHAN dietary guidelines for feeding infants, overseen by a dietician. Every tub is prepared with high pressure processing (HPP) and is cold pasteurised in pure water. High pressure purified water keeps packaging pathogen free, which also keeps it fresher for longer, and essential vitamins and minerals remain intact without the need for added preservatives.

New parents have the choice of ordering bundles in a small size (seven tubs) or large size (fourteen tubs). Prices begin at R185 for a bundle of seven tubs.

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