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Embrace Winter Wellness with LANCEWOOD Greek Delight® Double Cream Plain Yoghurt.

With the cooler months approaching it is the perfect time for warm, indulgent and wholesome

meals. LANCEWOOD® introduces their Greek Delight® Double Cream Plain Yoghurt 700g - a

protein-packed treat that wraps each spoonful in luxurious, velvety goodness. Perfect for those who are seeking rich flavour, yet still mindful of health, this yoghurt is a mere 89 calories per serving, making it the perfect guilt free indulgence.


"At LANCEWOOD®, we understand that our consumers desire both delectable and nutritious

options without having to compromise on taste", says Shereen Anderhold, Marketing Manager at LANCEWOOD®. "Our Greek Delight® Yoghurt is crafted to meet these needs, offering a high protein snack that supports an active lifestyle and contributes to muscle maintenance with its fortified protein content of 5g per 100g serving."


For a delightful start to your day, blend Greek Delight® with crunchy granola and vibrant berries or any fruit of choice to create a breakfast that energises and excites. Its versatility stretches beyond breakfast and snacking in between meals - simply drizzle with honey and sprinkle with nuts for a simple and delicious treat. Beyond snacking, Greek Delight® serves as a creamy base in savoury dips, a rich filler in tarts and quiches, or a healthier substitute for sour cream or mayonnaise in your favourite recipes.


Try it today and instantly elevate your meals and snacks into moments of true culinary joy with

LANCEWOOD Greek Delight® Double Cream Plain Yoghurt – just add wholesome!

For more information, visit and be inspired with delicious, wholesome recipe ideas for any time of day.


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