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Environ® wins prestigious international award for the TOP MEDICAL SKIN CARE LINE OF THE DECADE.

With a long list of over 100 highly esteemed recognitions received for outstanding products worldwide, South African born, globally recognised professional brand Environ Skin Care has been on an international winning streak the past few years. In 2018, 2019 and 2020 Environ won the prestigious accolade as Top Medical Skincare Line in the highly revered Aesthetic Everything® Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards in the USA. This year, Environ has reached new heights by winning the award for Top Medical Skincare Line of the Decade.

The Aesthetic Everything ® Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards is an annual, global competition established in the USA that recognises excellence across a range of categories. More than 40 000 votes were cast to reward and recognise the people and companies that the industry, their patients and clients love most. Aesthetic Everything ® is the largest network of aesthetic professionals in the world with over 1 million subscribers.

In 2021, Aesthetic Everything® created ‘The Decade Awards’ to celebrate and recognise standout performers within the industry who have received the most awards over the past 10 years.

“Environ has focussed on the cosmetic aspects of medical skin science from the very beginning and we are honoured to be recognised for achieving major steps towards our goal of achieving a glowing, beautiful skin for a lifetime,” explains Environ Scientific and R&D Directors.

In addition to Top Medical Skincare Line of the Decade, Environ also won the Top Training and Educational Programs Award this year. Partnerships with Skincare Professionals are vital to the success of the Environ Brand. Environ prides itself on the dedication to continuous education of skincare professionals with world-class training programs to support them in recommending skincare products and performing advanced professional treatments which deliver the best results. Environ believes this approach will ensure complete consumer satisfaction as the power of beautiful science always requires the consultation and product recommendation of a Skincare Professional.

“Thank you Aesthetics Everything® in honouring Environ with the prestigious recognition and awards. As Chairman of Environ I would like to express my gratitude to my Employees, the Distributors, Skincare Professionals and Environ Clients for their continued loyalty and dedication to Environ. As a Team you made this award possible!,” says Val Carstens, Group Chairman of Environ Skin Care about receiving this prestigious award.

Favoured and lauded by international skincare therapists, the medical fraternity, beauty editors, top aestheticians, film stars and super models, Environ uses the power of science to create products that make a real difference to people’s lives. Environ’s intelligent ingredient formulations continue to lead the industry with revolutionary new product innovations. The world-wide recognition symbolises Environ’s vision of creating “a beautiful skin for a lifetime” as the brand continues to innovate and develop best-in-class products in the realm of scientific beauty.

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