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Everysun extends face care range.

Everysun is proud to announce the extension of their face care range. Joining the original Everysun Anti-Ageing face crème is Everysun Even Tone and Everysun Oil Control face crèmes.


“When we launched the Everysun Anti-Ageing face crème it was met with huge excitement and did not disappoint. Perfect for everyday wear, this crème became a firm favourite with consumers,” explains Mario Correia, brand manager for Everysun. “Due to this it was an easy decision to extend the range ensuring that different skin types could benefit from these superior products at an affordable price.”

The Everysun face crème range now includes:

 The new Everysun Even Tone Face Crème with blue light protection, Beta-carotene and

Vitamin B3 resulting in brighter skin.


The new Everysun Oil Control Face Crème contains lemon, sage and Vitamin B3, to provide a

mattifying effect and is light and non-greasy.


The original Everysun Anti-Ageing Face Crème is perfect for reducing signs of ageing with its

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid formula.


The entire Everysun range, including the face crème range, offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays, providing complete protection from the sun.

“Not only are we adding to our face crème range, but we are giving them a new look as well,”

explains Correia. “When launching these new additions, we wanted them to stand out on the

shelves as a group as well as be differentiated from one another.”

All three variants boast the original Everysun face crème gold colouring, but with different colour blocking as well; Everysun Anti-ageing will sport a white block, Everysun Oil control has a green block, and Everysun Even Tone an orange block. All three variants boast a cohesive look, but with noticeable differences for consumers to make a quick distinction.

The Everysun face crème range is available at selected retailers and pharmacies at an RSP of



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