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Experience a sense of belonging with the worlds's number one bourbon - JIM BEAM.

Appreciated by the world’s most discerning whiskey palates, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon has perfected the art of bourbon creation through maintaining consistency and a smooth top notch flavour, earning the title of world’s number one selling bourbon.

Straight from Kentucky, USA, Jim Beam Straight Kentucky Bourbon was created in the year 1788 by Jacob Beam who used his father’s whiskey recipe to distil his excess corn into a new, sweeter kind of whiskey-bourbon. Seven years later, the first batch of Jim Beam bourbon was sold.

Containing a minimum of 51% corn to produce a sweet and grainy flavour, Jim Beam is aged for no less than two years in brand new charred oak barrels. The new charred oak barrels contribute to the vanilla and woody flavour bourbon drinkers have come to know and love. Throughout the process, Jim Beam is distilled at no higher than 80 proof after which it is transferred into its timeless glass bottles which allow you to see the beautiful, caramel coloured bourbon. This refined process creates a flavour that pilots you to experience the welcoming mixture of toasted oak with some sweetness and hints of oak vanilla and spice on the nose.

For over 225 years and surviving a lengthy prohibition, the Beam family has stayed true to their bourbon and to each other. The faces of the men found on the side of the Jim Beam bottle label are those who guided their family whiskey against all odds, and because of this, have propelled the brand to become the world's best-selling bourbon.

Jim Beam encourages consumers to embrace the now and create a sense of belonging and welcoming spirit amongst old bourbon lovers and new.

In a 750ml bottle at 43% ABV, Jim Beam Straight Kentucky Bourbon is available at a recommended retail price from R189 in major retailers nationwide.

Jim Beam isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience that everyone should have - an experience that is session-able and welcoming to all. While there are countless ways to enjoy Jim Beam, wind down from the demanding work week and try the staple Jim Beam Classic Highball:


● 50 ml Jim Beam White

● 120ml Soda Water

● + Lemon Wedge


Chill the glass, soda, and Jim Beam. Squeeze a wedge of lemon and place in glass. Fill glass with ice.

Add 1 part Jim Beam. Pour soda gently filling the glass. Stir once and enjoy!

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