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If you haven’t tried it yet, 2024 is your year to experience the restorative benefits of spending time in the great outdoors. In South Africa, we’re spoilt for choice with the options available to us both near and far. Meander down your local green belt, explore your neighbourhood park, take an excursion to a national park, or sit on a beach.

Shower to Shower

Claire Bowen from Shower to Shower says that studies have shown that spending time in nature has many health and wellness benefits. “In addition to lowering stress levels and increasing Vitamin D, being outdoors is a wonderful way to improve your mood and maintain the necessary resilience required to deal with the everyday pressure that we encounter.”

If taking a stroll or swimming in the sea isn’t your thing, we’ve found four new and exciting things you can do outdoors to improve your health:



Whether you’re hiking in the hills of Magaliesberg or exploring the peaks of Table Mountain, you’ll more than likely come across sections of trail that require you to scramble. But what is it? Scrambling is more technical than hillwalking and is described as the middle ground between hiking and rock climbing. The rules include properly researching your route, using the right footwear, taking it slow and testing your hand and footholds before clambering on.


How to start: Research a route option on apps like Strava and AllTrails, get a decent pair of boots and a scramble-buddy and you’re ready to go.



Now you’re probably thinking that breaking a couple of things might be quite restorative, but that isn’t what this refers to! What started in the USA in the 1990’s has gained momentum once again and is now a recognised Paris 2024 Olympic Games event. This discipline is somewhere in the middle of acrobatics, art, dance and music and is inspired by hip-hop.


How to start: Find a tutorial video on youtube (like this one), get outdoors, don a set of headphones and get going!



Hear us out on this one. Foraging is the latest trend in nature-based activities. Not only is it time outdoors, but as an added bonus, you’re getting exercise whilst you gather food items. Simply put, foraging is the gathering of wild food - for free. In fact, in South Africa, it’s gained momentum recently, specifically in the coastal areas where delicacies like mussels, kelp and other sea creatures are on the list.


How to start: To start foraging responsibly in South Africa, research what's safe to harvest and legal to gather. Use Google to compile a list of available treasures, ensuring they're not endangered or protected species. With this knowledge, fill your basket and embark on your foraging adventure responsibly.


Shower to Shower

A Via Ferrata

A via ferrata is a mountain climbing route equipped with steel cables, rungs, or ladders anchored to the rock. Climbers secure themselves to these fixtures using a harness with two leashes, allowing them to safely navigate the route and minimize the risk of falling. A via ferrata is South Africa’s most adventurous new outdoor activity and is available in several spots around the country. You’ll break a sweat on this one, so don't forget to pack an anti-perspirant like Extreme Dry from Shower to Shower Men to keep you dry.


How to start: If you’re in Gauteng, visit Shelter Rock to discover the summit of the Magaliesberg.


Let 2024 be the year you get outdoors and discover a new passion.



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