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Four great getaways for seeing snow this winter.

Snow in South Africa is rare enough for it to make the headlines, yet there are areas that receive snowfall almost every winter - even if it is just on the mountain tops.


And because it is so rare, we love driving out to see the snow. Here's our list of Airbnbs to book in towns where you’re sure to enjoy a snowy escape.

Die Meulhuis - Sutherland, Northern Cape

Die Meulhuis

Sutherland is best known for two things: the renowned South African Astronomical Observatory and (below) freezing temperatures. This charming little town in the Northern Cape is the ideal getaway for those who appreciate wide open spaces, silence and snow.

The two-bedroom Die Meulhuis stone cottage has all the amenities to ensure you’re always warm, including a wood-burning fireplace, and feather duvets and electric blankets on the beds.

Barn in Underberg - Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal

Barn in Underberg

The Drakensberg is always magical, but even more so in winter when the mountain peaks are snow-capped and the sky crystal clear.

This converted stone barn is the ideal spot for immersing yourself in nature. The area boasts stunning hiking and mountain biking trails, flying fishing opportunities, and that’s to say nothing of the horses and cattle grazing nearby. A fireplace in the open-plan kitchen-lounge will also ensure that you’re always warm.

Riverbed Africa - Lydenburg, Mpumalanga

Riverbed Africa

Lydenberg, situated at the foothills of the well-known Long Tom Pass, is surrounded by mountains - many of which are covered in snow in the winter.

The Riverbed Africa self-catering home is spacious, pet-friendly and decorated with interesting antiques and vintage finds. Explore the area - there’s plenty to see and do - or stay warm indoors playing board games, chatting or napping.

Inkunzi Cave - Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal

Inkunzi Cave

Opting to stay in a cave in the middle of winter may seem like an unusual preference but then again the Inkunzi Cave in Winterton in the Central Drakensberg region of KZN is splendid in its unusualness.

Warm, intimate and offering views for days, this cave stay makes for an ideal romantic getaway, and a great base from which to explore the area.

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