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Freshen up hair quickly and on the go with COLAB’s best-selling dry shampoos.

There are so many reasons to love dry shampoo, the options are endless!

Unlike standard shampoos, dry shampoos require absolutely no water so it's the perfect choice to freshen up hair quickly and on the go! Just spray, massage and style! Frequent washing can strip your hair of natural oils, fade your color and cause split ends. Dry shampoo freshens up your strands without stripping them of their natural oils, allowing you to skip a hair wash day. Thanks to its oil-absorbing formula, you can bid farewell to greasy, oily and dirty hair. Furthermore, dry shampoo adds more body and bounce to your tresses.

The multi award-winning dry shampoo that’s suitable for all hair types, colours and textures, COLAB has something for every occasion and every mood - From soft subtle bergamot and delicate rose scents through to bolder fruity and tropical fragrances.

To give your hair and instant fix, we’ve rounded up some of COLAB’s best sellers:

Fall in love with COLAB’S number one, the Original Dry Shampoo (R79.95). Give hair an instant chic fix with an effortlessly cool vibe and a sophisticated bergamot and rose scent.

Make your unicorn dreams come true with COLAB’s Unicorn Dry Shampoo (R79.95). Give hair an instant fantasy fix with an enchanting and mystical scent of jasmine and vanilla.

Be a beach goddess with COLAB’s Mermaid Dry Shampoo (R79.95). Give hair an instant fresh fix with modern day mermaid vibes and a beach chic, mandarin and driftwood scent.

COLAB dry shampoos incredible formula effectively absorbs oil and instantly refreshes roots with an invisible, lightweight finish. Hair feels clean, soft and beautifully fragranced.

What’s more, COLAB is against animal testing, totally cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The dry shampoos come in a range of incredible fashion-forward fragrances and has been created by a team of beauty industry experts

Developed using a very fine starch, COLAB is known for its unique and revolutionary technical formula. This results in a totally weightless and magically invisible spray. This fabulous formula uses tiny particles that, whilst absorbing excess oil and grease from the scalp mean that less product is sprayed onto the hair. Less product means absolutely no white residue*. Hair is refreshed and revived instantly without the hair's natural body and bounce being compromised.

COLAB is available at Clicks stores.

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