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From Africa with love... meet Kudu, superior bio-active skincare.

Looking for an all-natural, pure, clean and free from harmful chemical skincare range? Well, say hello to Kudu. These products are handcrafted in micro-batches to ensure quality, freshness, and purity to provide superior bio-active skincare. With no artificial fragrances and unnecessary additives found, this range is as good as natural gets for sure!

We are completely obsessed with this product.

Kudu's only uses biodegradable ingredients in their formulations. It's natural, gentle and kind to your skin, and is formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

‘Less is more’, we combine all the best ingredients with none of the harsh additives for healthy, happy skin. The botanical extracts we use in our range contain naturally high levels of antioxidants and vital nutrients, essential for skin-cell function and regeneration. We do not compromise on the quality of our products, using the best plant-based and laboratory made ingredients. Our formulations are based on scientific research.

They only use naturally derived ingredients from certified organic, ethically wild-crafted or bio-dynamic origins. They source organic and Fair Trade products wherever possible and support local small businesses.

I think my favourite thing about Kudu's is that the products are made fresh - to order.

And by doing this, they can control the production so that the ingredients that are used are exceptionally fresh and in their purest most potent bio-active form.

We don't outsource to third party manufacturers, you order - we produce. 

Let's chat about the products we got to try out and LOVE!!!!!!


This little beauty is packed with skin-loving essential fatty acids and natural actives you need.

It will assist your skin with deep-penetrating nutrients to assists with the stimulation of rejuvenating your skin, aid in hydration and further promote an even skin tone. What girl doesn't want that? Your skin is left silky smooth and noticeably nourished, hydrated and smooth. Rosehip seed oil is a light, quickly absorbing dry oil. It has an earthy scent and has a vibrant orange colour.


Kudu’s Squalane oil will soften, nourish and replenish your skin instantly. This amazing product will assist your skin to retain it's natural moisture, improve the texture and tone, and leave it skin silky-smooth to the touch without an oily or greasy after-feel. This product is a luxurious, light-weight natural moisturizer perfect for all skin types.

Derived from Mediterranean grown sustainable olives. You can expect softer, nourished skin with visibly improved elasticity, radiance, and even skin tone. A lightweight, clear and scentless product. Clinically tested and proven to be non-irritating.


This is a unique blend of gentle, radiance-boosting organic and wild-crafted botanical oils and powerful bio-active extracts. It aims to deliver refreshing nourishment to the deepest layers of your skin, instantly leaving a healthy glow.

Formulated without fragrance or essential oils to suit sensitive complexions.

Suitable for: normal/dry and sensitive skin. You can expect a silky, luxurious elixir that sinks straight into thirsty skin to replenish, repair and soothe. Lightweight formula that will blend perfectly with your daily moisturizer. Has a semi-matte finish.

Its active formulation includes a blend of 20 superlative skin-loving ingredients; potent organic plant oils and botanical extracts, all packed with omegas, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish, replenish and protect skin from ageing free radicals.

Things we love about this brand.


Wherever possible, their stationery and packaging are produced from recycled materials. All their marketing materials, boxes, and bottles can be recycled and/or re-used. Reducing their carbon footprint.

The products come in carefully selected packaging materials designed to protect the formulations within. Their amber apothecary-style dropper bottles are made from glass to ensure that the photosensitive, antioxidant-rich, highly active botanical ingredients are protected from air and UV-light. This ensures the long-term effectiveness and stability of the product.


A BIG PLUS for us - No animal testing.

Their products are 100% cruelty-free. They do not and will never carry out animal testing and as well as will not source ingredients from any companies that test on animals.


Their focus is based strongly on social responsibility. Whenever possible they will go out and source locally and support local small businesses. Their Moringa oil is produced from seeds grown by smallholders in rural parts of Malawi who manage and harvest crops from donated Moringa trees.

I can guarantee you will fall in LOVE with these products.

Make sure you get yours today.

Christmas is around the corner, your family will THANK YOU for these gifts.


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