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Get Back on the Go with CATRICE Cosmetics.

We are gradually regaining more and more of our freedom in styling. We are Back on the Go and are looking for products that perform quickly, easily, and reliably – for a quick touch-up throughout the day or on the go. Multifunctional beauty that serves more than one purpose in an instant is all the rage right now!

Let’s get it started – we’re out and about more frequently, meeting friends for group activities again ... and we don't want to waste any time in the process. What we need now: Reliable, practical, and powerful products that perform quickly and easily, fulfil several functions at once and instantly produce visible results.


Maximum volume or long eyelashes? Why should we choose when we can have both? The MAX IT Volume & Length Mascara provides maximum volume and extraordinary length thanks to an innovative combination of the brush and texture. The special brush has both long and short, soft bristles that reach every single lash. At the same time, the Instant Volume texture is enriched with cellulose fibres that create a lash-lengthening effect. In addition, the formula nourishes the lashes with shea butter.

Around R 125.95


The ultimate partner in crime for perfectly set eyebrows: The Super Glue Brow Styling Gel offers ultra-strong hold. The integrated, small brush makes it easy to apply the transparent, non-sticky texture - either on its own for a natural look or in combination with an eyebrow pencil for expressive statement brows.

Around R 105.95

Catrice Shape & Define Contour Stick

The Shape & Define Contour Stick has 2 sides with a lighter and a darker shade. Thanks to the practical on-the-go format, the stick can be taken along wherever you go and is suitable for quick touch-ups. The creamy texture is easy to apply, blends well and is long-lasting.

Around R 125.95

Catrice Ultra Last2 Fixing Spray

The Ultra Last2 Fixing Spray offers an extremely long hold: The make-up stays in place for up to 18 hours. The transparent fixing spray is waterproof and prevents staining. The texture feels light and comfortable on the skin and does not contain alcohol or perfume. Fixing spray for 18h long-lasting, waterproof make-up without staining. Free of alcohol & perfume.

Around R 125.95

Catrice Better Than Fake Lips Volume Gloss | 5 Shades

Fuller looking lips with a glossy finish are not a problem for the Better Than Fake Lips Volume Gloss! The silky soft lipgloss texture with medium coverage has a plumping effect and nourishes the lips with a butter complex, a vegan collagen replacement and Volulip™ by Sederma. The lipgloss feels pleasant on the lips and isn’t sticky. Plumping lip gloss with a voluminous & glossy finish. With a butter complex, a vegan collagen substitute & Volulip™ by Sederma. Silky smooth lipgloss texture with medium coverage.

Beauty lovers searching for quick and lasting products will find what they are looking for in our Back on the Go trend!


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