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Get ready to unleash the Beasts!

Mattel South Africa is pleased to announce the launch of the coolest toy this season…  Breakout Beasts™!

What are Breakout Beasts™ you ask? Great question! These five mystery beasts are hidden inside eggs and have an appetite for surprise - you never know which one you’re going to get!

Crack open the eggs to release an exciting surprise - you have to dig out all the pieces from the gooey orange, blue or green slime to build your own beast. Be on the lookout for dragons, gargoyles and werewolves, including Blackheart™, Torchwing™, Boulder™, Tempyst™ and Ironclaw™.

Here’s the best part: collect them all and create your very own custom beast by mixing and matching the pieces.

Keep your eyes peeled, these beasts are breaking out this season and you can hunt them down at a retailer near you.

And don’t forget to join the discussion and share your Mega Construx™ Breakout Beasts™ sightings on social media using the hashtag #breakoutbeasts. We can’t wait to see what exciting surprises you dig up!

Breakout Beasts™ hits SA shelves in February 2019.

RRP R159.99, suitable for kids aged 6+

Learn more about Breakout Beasts™ here: Website:;

Social media hashtag: #breakoutbeasts

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