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Getting to know Mrs. SA Contestant, Chandre Goosen – aka Lady G.

What do you get when you mix a fashionista, a businesswoman, a mother and an ultimate boss-babe? Say hello to Chandre Goosen, aka Lady G.

Chandre Goosen, who resides in Cape Town, is a lover of all things fashion and fast cars, and is hoping to inspire women around South Africa as she shares her personal history of bullying and overcoming some of her greatest fears.

She is currently one of 50 women competing for the title of Mrs South Africa 2020, but beyond the pageantry world she boasts a big passion for radio and television and hopes to one day become a TV presenter.

SA Life Mag sat down with Chandre in an all exclusive interview.

What is one goal you hope to achieve this year? 

I am currently a Top 50 Semi-Finalist for Mrs South Africa 2020, so one goal would definitely be to make top 25, and hopefully further from there, and hopefully further my career in the TV and Radio industry and be chosen for a TV commercial.

How do you maintain healthy relationships with your friends, family and partner with such an in-demand and busy schedule?

I am a believer in balance and everything has a place and time. Friends and family know and are supportive of my schedule and for that I am so grateful and lucky. My family truly understands my schedule and it means the world to me to have everyone’s support. I am a super mom during the day, but we rotate when need be and should I be busy he stands in, or the other way around.

What do you want to be remembered for in the modelling/fashion/entertainment industry one day?

I want to be remembered for being a fierce woman, who wasn’t scared to go for it and believed in what she felt. I want to be remembered for being a woman that despite being bullied for her looks and physique had beautiful twins and still went on no matter what, and conquered her dreams. Deep down I am just a “retro loud bubbly girl”.

Beyond work-life, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I love fast cars! I love going around the track with my M2, there's something about the adrenalin that’s simply phenomenal. I enjoy travelling to unique destinations to see other people’s cultures, and definitely shopping for lingerie and perfume. I am known as a perfume addict - I have a bottle that normally only lasts 7 days - ouch- lol.

Who is one person that you look up to and draw inspiration from, and why?

I normally draw inspiration from my everyday life; there is inspiration all around us. I can’t pinpoint one specific person but rather a few places that get me inspired. A few places that are absolutely phenomenal that have had a real impact on my inspiration was London, Skiathos (an island in Greece) and also in Mauritius.

What is the most inspirational moment, something that impacted you in your career?

When my fashion brand label ‘Chandre & Co was’ approved by D&G to be on the apparel trade of designers in the UK last year.

Who has played an important part in your career thus far and why?

I must say my husband as well as PJ Powers. They play such an important part on the days when I feel I am not achieving or not feeling my best. They offer unconditional support and love, and motivate me to keep going even when times get tough. Luckily for me, bad days don’t stick around for too long; I am OCD so wanting to make things happen and better myself is important and I get on it asap.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given to yourself 5 years ago?

I have learnt that things come with time, and that it can’t be forced. We as individuals can learn something every day; and sometimes you need to fail in order to be able to succeed.

How do you remain humble and grounded in an industry that is so publicised?

I personally don’t find it too difficult for me to handle being in the public eye or staying grounded. I know where I come from, and I know my life struggles. I don’t believe in judging anyone and I strongly believe in giving a person something to smile about, kindness is priceless. I was once a young girl going to work on a golden arrow bus, with3-week old twins, with no help. Being humble is the most important part of your career and life so never lose who you are inside. Staying true to yourself is everything.

What don't people know about you?

I am very humble. I am very easy to talk to. I might come across as being a glam girl on social media but deep down I am a jeans and tee kinda girl. I would love for people to see me in an interview on TV in order for me to show them who Chandre really is. She is bubbly, she has a sense of humour and sees the light and laughter in everything, but most importantly, I have a passionate side of me that cares deeply for people wanting to overcome their struggles. I am passionate about coaching people and helping those overcome life-fears and struggles and motivating them to be as positive as can be. 

Follow her journey on social media:

Instagram: @chandre_ladyg  

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