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Here’s how to tighten your skin without surgery.

When we think of skin tightening, cellulite is often the first concern that comes to mind, but this is just one of many skin concerns that can benefit from skin tightening treatments. Sagging skin on the face is also a candidate: think sagging jowls, crow’s feet around the eye area and droopy skin on the forehead.

Laser treatments have become a popular choice for skin tightening and fat sculpting. Not only is laser incredibly effective, but it’s also non-invasive and usually has zero down time. Like all beauty procedures and tools though, not all laser devices are created equally.

Enter NIR laser, the Rolls Royce of laser equipment. NIR stands for ‘Near Infra-Red’. This is the type of light emitted during your skin tightening treatment. The treatment uses a safe infrared light that heats the skin and the tissue immediately under the skin’s surface. NIR skin tightening helps ageing, sagging and crepey-looking skin to appear firmer and more youthful.

How does it work?

The heat produced during the treatment stimulates the infiltration of fibroblast and the formation of new collagen, while also tightening the existing bundles of collagen and elastin in the skin. This “double” stimulation both thickens and tightens the skin, strengthening the natural “scaffold” that gives our skin structure. It stimulates the production of new collagen, which has a further tightening effect, and gives long-lasting firmness to sagging skin.

The treatment allows skin to appear firmer, smoother and younger.

NIR can be used to treat:

Areas on the face (such as face, neck, jawline, chin).

Laxity of abdominal skin post-pregnancy or post-surgery.

Laxity of buttocks and knees.

Improving surface skin quality of arms, and thighs.

Excellent for shrinking and smoothing the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

What are some of the benefits of NIR?

NIR is suitable for all skin types, skin tones and most areas of the body, including areas of skin with cellulite.

The procedure is painless – you will experience a warm sensation similar to that of a hot stone massage.

There is no down time, so you can carry on with your day directly after your treatment.

The procedure is fast – you should be done with your treatment within an hour.

NIR skin tightening is non-invasive, meaning you aren’t exposed to any of the risks involved in surgical treatments.

How many treatment sessions are recommended?

Patients will typically require a series of 5-6 treatments, scheduled 2-3 weeks apart. Most patients experience no downtime and immediately resume their daily routine.

What can you expect after the treatment?

Immediately after, some localised erythema and plumping is experienced with this settling in about 30min. The skin then immediately gets tighter as the day goes by and you have a radiant glow.

When will one see results?

Some patients start to see an improvement immediately but we always advise a minimum of 3 sessions to start seeing results.

How long will the results last?

After the initial course we advise 1 treatment every 3 to 4 months to maintain results.

NIR skin tightening is available at Pulse Dermatology & Laser. To book a treatment, or find out more, visit, email or call 021 914 0447.

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