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Heritage skincare brand’s latest formulation reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

After 60 years of keeping skin soft, smooth, and beautiful, Clere prides itself on remaining relevant and up to date with beauty and skincare trends. This is especially true when it comes to their consumers’ skincare concerns. “We know that stretch marks and uneven skin tone are a big concern for many women, which is why we’ve developed a formulation to specifically tackle this issue,” explains Clere brand manager Su-Marie Annandale.

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are caused by the stretching of the skin and are a completely natural part of human development. They can be as a result of pregnancy, a sudden growth spurt or general weight gain or loss. The chance of you developing stretch marks will depend on a wide range of factors including your skin type, race, diet, age, and the general hydration of your skin.

Clere enriched with Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine visibly reduces stretch marks for smooth, supple, and even-looking skin. The Tissue Oil and Pure Glycerine formulation is available in Berries & Cream and Vanilla Honey Cream lotions and Berries & Cream and Vanilla Honey Cream crèmes. Recent research undertaken by the brand, in which 400 respondents trialled the product, two-thirds said that the lotions and crèmes improved stretch marks significantly with 30% saying their stretch marks were almost gone.

While it is not possible to prevent stretch marks completely, a healthy lifestyle and other preventative measures can lower your risk of developing them. Annandale provides the following tips:

Keep your skin hydrated – Applying a lotion or crème straight after your bath or shower, while the skin is still damp, can help products penetrate better and keep skin soft and supple. Pregnant women may find that the rapidly expanding skin on their stomachs tends to itch, and moisturisers often provide some relief.

Avoid sudden weight gain or loss – Avoiding rapid weight changes and working toward healthy and gradual weight gain during pregnancy are also helpful.

Diet and exercise – Many things in life can be improved by simply following a healthy diet and partaking in some exercise, and stretch marks are no different. Eating foods high in certain vitamins and minerals can improve the health of your skin and minimise the appearance of stretch marks and other premature spots. Such foods include carrots, spinach, and fresh fruit, (which are high in vitamins A and C) and meat or meat substitute products like soya.

Drink plenty of water – Keeping yourself well hydrated reduces the risk of developing stretch marks in the first place by increasing the elasticity of your skin.

All four Clere skincare formulations provide 48-hour moisturisation and contain Vitamins E & A. The Clere range of crèmes and lotions are available at all leading retailers at a cost of approximately R34.99 (500ml) and R21.99 (400ml), respectively.

For more from Clere visit their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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