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History of World Sleep Day with Biomedcan.

Today is is World Sleep Day – 19th March 2021. Sleep may seem like such a normal aspect of life that it might seem silly to even talk about it! It can be one of the most banal, underrated aspects of people’s lives. But for those who have recurring sleep problems, getting enough sleep can be a real challenge and affect everything else in life.

World Sleep Day aims to consider and aid those who have sleep problems. It is useful for educating people all over the world about the importance of sleep, as well as changing the way people view and experience sleep by giving them valuable resources to help them in their daily lives.

BIOMEDCAN CBD SLEEP CAPSULES – 600mg CBD – 30 capsules - R549.00

BIOMEDCAN CBD SLEEP CAPSULES may assist you in an improved faster and deeper natural sleeping pattern. CBD maximizes the “Entourage Effect” of the active ingredients in this product. Zero THC included

BIOMEDCAN - An all-natural solution to a better personal wellbeing

With more people becoming aware of the chemicals and ingredients in over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, there’s a draw towards medicines that are safe, effective, and all-natural. A completely natural medicine, CBD oil has been shown to be effective for a variety of afflictions including insomnia, anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, libido, immune function and many other conditions as well as overall improved well-being.

Locally produced BIOMEDCAN offers an all-natural solution to a better personal wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Increase your focus, keep relaxed and positive, and promote a balanced mind and healthy body.

The BIOMEDCAN range of CBD capsule products – SLEEP, MOOD, MIND and PLEASURE (R549.00)

can assist you with many of the health and lifestyle issues found in a modern lifestyle. In addition to the primary benefits of each of their products, a daily dose of one of their CBD products comes with even more health benefits. Thanks to the additional herbs, vitamins and minerals found throughout their products, they can help you achieve an all-round healthy lifestyle and personal wellbeing.

BIOMEDCAN products are produced under the securest of conditions, ensuring the use of only the safest and purest ingredients. You can achieve your beneficial daily dose through their easy to swallow capsules and avoid poor tasting doses or oily residue. BIOMEDCAN products contain zero THC and therefore don’t have hallucinogenic effects and are not addictive. Furthermore, all products are gluten-free, free of artificial flavours and suitable for vegans.

BIOMEDCAN also caters to chocolate enthusiasts. Available in milk and dark chocolate (100g), BIOMEDCAN’s slabs (RRP R119.00) are the perfect chocolate treat to appease your sweet tooth whilst reaping all of the general wellbeing benefits of CBD. Made with 70% chocolate and 20mg of CBD, BIOMEDCAN’s CBD chocolate slabs act as a natural remedy to assist with a variety of health benefits.

BIOMEDCAN is available for purchase online at,,, and selected Wellness Warehouse stores and other retailers.

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