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Inflight Fitness With Liezel Van Der Westhuizen.

She’s a world-class traveller, and a fitness junkie, having recently travelled to India and successfully cycled over the famous Himalayas from Mandali to Khardung La covering the mean distance of 550km in 10 days at altitudes of up to 18 330 feet.

The bubbly blonde Radio and TV Personality knows just how to keep fit, no matter where she is in the world, and no matter what obstacle she’s faced with.

"But here's one thing we may not think of often - staying fit and active on an aeroplane. For someone like me who travels often, I think of creative ways of staying fit no matter where I am." Liezel says.

Liezel’s quick and easy in-flight fitness tips:


Place your hands on the arm rests but make sure you do not disturb the person sitting next to you. Point your elbows backwards and lift yourself using your tricep muscles, repeat 5-10 times every hour. 


While waiting in the line to use the bathroom on the plane. I normally do the following:  Stand with your feet together and bend slowly down at the waist to try touch your feet, dont over stretch. Only stretch as fair as you can go. I normally do 5 of these. This stretches and relieves back muscle tension.


This can be done in your seat. While seated with feet on the floor, lift up heels and squeeze calf muscles, then lower heels back down. Do 30 repetitions every 30 minutes 

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